Household · lessons in love

“Snips and snails and puppy dog tails…”


That’s what baby number five is made of! 🙂 We are having another boy! I am so excited. Our Buddy will have a little buddy to play with!

The girls are pretty happy, too, except Addy keeps asking about the girl baby that’s in my belly, too. I am trying to explain there’s only ONE baby and it’s a boy, but she is just so determined to believe there’s a girl hiding in there, too! I really hope not!

The room situation will stay as we had hoped – Buddy will share a room with his new brother. Wow…we really did fill up this house just as fast as we moved in!

I will once again be asking my wonderful sister to pass back the baby boy clothes she loaned to me for Buddy. Since I had him, she had another baby boy. I am happy this baby of ours is a boy, so her newest guy will be close in age to our newest guy. 🙂 Buddy and her boy Caleb are close in age, too, so that’s pretty neat for when we get together.

My mom mentioned yesterday that there are 6 granddaughters and 5 grandsons, so our baby will even it out to 6 and 6. And, these grandbabies are from only three of my parents’ eight children, so it’ll be really neat to see how many of each they’ll have once all eight of us kids have babies! I am so happy we have a large family. So much love!!

I can’t wait to start unpacking burp rags and blankets and booties. So thankful to God for giving us another healthy pregnancy. Baby is growing well and Mama is feeling great. Couldn’t ask for more!!



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