Sand vs. Rock

This morning I had plans to sleep in. My husband is off work and out running a 12 miler, and the kids were wiped out from the pool yesterday and sleeping so soundly.

My plans changed when I woke up at 5:54AM and saw that no little ones had snuck into my bed to snuggle with me when Dad left to run. I decided to get up and watch the sunrise on the back stoop, while I attempted to have my Bible reading time (which I have not done consistently in a long time). I quickly and quietly got dressed and hurried onto the stoop with my Bible, book, and (of course!) my coffee. 🙂

I read Philippians 1 and tried to really ponder each verse, especially the part where Paul is talking about praying and thanking God for his fellow Christians EVERY time he thinks of them. WOW! I barely remember to pray once a day for my Christian friends’ walk with God, but Paul was praying for them every time he thought of them.

About 15 minutes after I got outside, Lily and Addy came out in their jammies. 🙂 They sat with me; we talked about the sunrise and random things. I asked them to let me read my book (The Power of a Positive Woman) for a few minutes then we could chat. There was a small section I was reading that mentioned the parable of the man who built his house on the rock and the man on the sand. I mentioned it to Lily because we learned that parable last year in school. I read that portion of my book to he, and we talked about wisdom and explained to Addy why the man on the rock was wise. It wasn’t anything profound, but I was very happy to just sit and talk about Bible things with them. Often, I get so wrapped up in my day that we don’t really sit down and talk about MEANINGFUL things with the girls. Sure, I tell them I love them or explain punishments and right behavior to them. I don’t make it a point, though, to go beyond that and work to instill Biblical truths in them. I am pretty disappointed this morning about that.

One thing that caught my attention about the sand vs rock issue was that I usually make this parable an application to life’s big picture. You know, are we choosing Jesus as our Rock for life? Or are we following our human desires and building our future on the sand? Today, though, I was triggered to consider it another way: as a DAILY choice.

Yes, I’m a Christian. Yes, I have chosen the Rock for my eternal resting place. BUT, am I choosing “rock” choices on a daily basis? Or am I giving in to my human nature and making “sand” decisions…..because I know I have the Rock for eternity and don’t give too much thought to the little things BEFORE eternity.

Every day I know I am faced with many little choices, that have both a Rock and a sand option. Should I spend 5 more minutes on Facebook reading statuses or spend those 5 minutes as quality time with my kids? Am I going to sit and be envious of others and their ‘things’ or should I stop and pray for those friends and their spiritual walk? Am I sitting alone and ignoring other people at the pool (hoping they don’t come over to chat) or am I praying for opportunities to share the Gospel with my neighbors?

I definitely make more sand decisions most days, and that’s pretty shameful. The wonderful part, though, is that “The doors to wisdom are never shut.” (Benjamin Franklin) I can start over today. I can aim to make wiser decisions – ones that will continue to build the Rock foundation that I’m going to live eternally on.

Maybe a good way for me to think of it is this: accepting Jesus as my Savior gave me the rock foundation to build my home on. Each wise decision I make on a daily basis adds another rock to my future home, where I’ll live with my Savior. How embarrassed I’d be if I went to live in my home with Jesus and all I had was that first rock. Yes, I’ll still be there with Him, but there’d be a lot of explaining to do as to why I only had that one rock and why I didn’t continue to build on that foundation!

Today, my two goals are this: 1) to make the wise decisions in the little things, and 2) to thankfully pray for my Christian friends as I think of them. How can I expect them to lift me up in prayer if I’m not doing so for them?! The WISE decision there would be to pray for their walk with Christ as they come to mind.

So, something to think about today: Once we have that rock foundation, are we continually building more rocks onto it or are we dumping sand on it?


3 thoughts on “Sand vs. Rock

  1. The rock analogy is concerning the foundation alone. I am a builder. No one simply adds stones to a foundation in the manner you speak of. You are confusing the analogy of foundation vs building which is covered in 1 Cor.3. Paul clearly separates them in vs 11 vs 12.
    “For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.
    If anyone builds on this foundation using gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay or straw,.”
    The subject you are addressing is concerning what materials I build with that can withstand the fire. Note, that even if the person builds with poor materials, they are saved due to the quality of the foundation.

    1. Tony – Thanks for stopping by to read. 🙂 I appreciate your input. I understand that even if I make poor choices during the rest of my life, I will still be saved if I have accepted Jesus as my Savior. In that post, I was simply sharing that I need to make a daily choice to build with solid materials on top of my already solid foundation. Obviously, this is not a literal thing – I am not literally building a house with stones. I am figuratively using stone as an example of solid choices I can make on a daily basis. I can either base daily choices on eternity (witnessing, showing Jesus to my children, being a God-honoring wife, etc) or I can get wrapped up in things that do not matter for eternity (making a bunch of money, putting myself first in everything, ignoring my call to be my husband’s helper, etc). Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am aware that as long as my foundation in life is solid (faith in Jesus), my daily choices do not change my eternal destination. However, as a Christian, my desire should be to continue building a solid life in Christ by making Christ-like (or rock-like, you could say) choices for a secure fortress. I am not quoting any Bible verse as saying these things. Just a visual for me to help me make God-honoring choices daily. Thanks, again, for your thoughts!

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