Weekly Menu Plan

I’m back! 🙂

I finally feel back in the swing of our “normal” things. This week’s menu is all planned out, and I am really hoping I stick to it! (We get distracted easily with playing outside or reading, so I’ve missed sticking with my dinner plans a few times this past month.)

We went to the warehouse for Wallace Farms that is now local for us (yay!!) and were able to stock up on some very awesome meats! We budgeted $300 to get a month or so worth of meat, and we came in at $285 and our cooler was overflowing. I was so happy and thankful that it worked out for us to purchase all that meat because it’s so much tastier and fresher than even the really great meats at Whole Foods.

Here is what I’ve come up with for meals and snacks:


– Pancakes, fruit

– Coffee Cake, fruit

– Cereal or Organic Toaster “pop-tarts”, fruit

– Oatmeal with toppings (fruit, chocolate chips, cinnamon/sugar), fruit

– Scrambled eggs, Bacon, Toast (for one of Dad’s days off)

– Peanut butter chocolate chip muffins, fruit

– Baked Oatmeal, fruit


– Leftovers x 2

– PB & Honey, fruit, yogurt x 2

– Tuna Macaroni salad, raw veggies, fruit

– Egg salad sandwiches, fruit salad

– Cheese Tortillas, Veggies, fruit


– Ham & cheese risotto, salad, applesauce

– Veggie Pot Pie Casserole, raw veggies

– Beef Stroganoff, salad, carrots

– Veggie Orzo Skillet, French bread, applesauce, cottage cheese

– Hot dogs, corn, fruit

– Ham & cheese tato casserole, green beans

– Pasta & Sauce, Garlic cheese flatbread, cooked veggies


– Homemade trail mix

– Granola Bars

– Jell-O (not the healthiest, but such an easy treat to make during the week!)

– Fruit/Fruit salad

Whew!! Took me a long time to make that list up, but I’m glad I did. I love being back to our routine, especially with our meals. There’s just too many of us to be guessing at 4pm what I’ll make for dinner. Plus, even though it’s my 2nd trimester and I have more energy than before…I am still just wiped out by 7pm! 🙂


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