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New Attitude


We have settled in to the new house…almost. I still have a box or two of picture frames and trinkets to unpack, but for the most part we are unpacked. It has been a very busy three weeks since we arrived. I remember moving being a chaotic and stressful time, but the last time we moved we were childless. This time, with four energetic kids and one on the way, it’s been a bit crazier than I’d like to remember. 🙂

The night we loaded our moving truck, our three girls were at my parents’ house. They were gracious enough to watch the girls, so we could focus on packing the truck and closing on the home (the next morning). We just had Buddy to corral…which ended up being more tiring than I had hoped! He went to bed while we loaded the truck, thankfully. The next morning at closing, though, he was so full of energy; it was unreal. At that time of the morning, he is usually calm and tired, ready for a nap. Not that day – he was climbing off my lap, running for the door, rummaging through the diaper bag and emptying my wallet of all cards and pictures. I let him go ahead and do most of the that (except the heading for the door) because it kept him quiet. 🙂 Closing was only 40 minutes, but he really took advantage of the full 40 minutes!

Our truck ended up being too small for all of our stuff. (The rental truck website said a 20 foot truck was a good choice for a 3-4 bedroom home. WRONG! We only had 2 bedrooms and storage on shelves in the garage, and it was WAY too small.) I felt so bad for my husband. My sister-in-law and I even tried to rent another truck last minute from Home Depot, but they wanted $500 for a one-way trip! No thank you! My poor husband and our friend had to unload the truck at the new house, then drive an hour back to the townhouse and load up again….then drive another hour back to the new house. 😦 And, of course, that day it rains! We go almost all of June with no rain and our first day/night at the new place it pours!

After unloading the 2nd time, my husband and I (with Buddy in tow) returned the rental…to the scariest neighborhood ever. I seriously thought something bad  was going to happen. The rental return place was at a very shady gas station in the middle of a very run-down part of town filled with some very questionable folks. Everyone we passed looked scary or really dirty or like they wanted to kill someone. No joke. I didn’t make eye contact with anyone!

My dad and brothers and one of my sisters came up that first night to get started on painting. Literally five minutes after they started painting, the power went out…..and then the tornado-like winds kicked in….then the hail….then the windows leaked because of the wind’s force. It was so unreal. I wanted to laugh because of how unlikely this kind of storm is and here it was happening our first night in our new home. And I didn’t have my girls with me; they were with my mom and other sister, who were preparing beds in the basement in case of a tornado and needing to move the kids down there. Such a crazy night!!

Buddy and I left the next morning and headed to y mom’s, since the paint fumes would be getting stronger. That weekend it was about 100 degrees each day, and of course, another big storm happens on our way BACK to the new house. My poor mom was driving (alone) in front of us, down the country roads, while the wind and rain just whipped around us.

After all that excitement in just two days, it was nice to all be in the house and for it to be completely painted! I am so grateful that my family was able to come out and help paint…I don’t know how Arthur would’ve done it himself.

I overdid it that weekend with lifting boxes to unload the truck, so I was sore for the next few days. BUT, everyone was healthy and stayed safe in the storms, so I won’t complain too much. 🙂 God definitely took care of us that weekend and everything worked out better than we thought it was going to. A lot of neighbors here lost their mailboxes, backyard playsets, trees, and other things to the storm. We didn’t lose anything; our windows leaked but that was easily remedied with towels and it stopped when the crazy winds stopped. Our power was only out for about 3 1/2 hours, but I heard of other places where people lost power for days. So, it could have been much worse.

We are here. We are settled. And we love it! Other than the crazy number of spiders around (ugh! I HATE spiders.) and giant flies, it’s pretty much perfect. Stepping outside, it is silent, except for the sound of a car way in the distance or of a horse across the field. I really enjoy sitting outside and feeling the breeze and just relaxing. I am so thankful to be here and thankful God gave us this opportunity. I know we will be stretched and will have some challenges, but I know God will provide and that my attitude change since arriving helps. I am a little more relaxed and easy-going. Not always in such a “go, go, go” mode. I can be more relaxed with the kids outside because there’s less traffic and more sidewalks and just more space to roam. I can appreciate nature a little more because I see more of it and have made more time to just sit and take it all in. And while I appreciate being out away from the compacted suburbs, we can still access the stores and library and other places when we need to. Ordering pizza isn’t as easy out here (apparently no one delivers to this subdivision….weird), but that’s ok. Helps us to think twice before deciding to waste money on it! 🙂

This is my view from my rocking chair in the living room. So peaceful!



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