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Tuesday’s Tips: Organizing Your Child’s Closet

I can’t believe it’s almost June! Erika at Just Peachy Photography and I have been posting together for almost 4 months now! Today’s post is about “Organizing Your Child’s Closet”. Go HERE to read Erika’s first half of the post about how she handles and organizes clothes for her 3 boys. Then come back and read up on how I’ve organized our one larger closet to be our family closet!


I have posted previously about our family closet, but today I wanted to touch on it again as an option for organizing your child’s (or children’s) clothing.

We live in a small home for 6 people, with just 2 bedrooms and 2 closets to contain all of the clothes we currently are wearing. I think I do a good job keeping the number of outfits we each have to a minimum, but I still found it hard to keep all four kids’ clothes in one small closet in their bedroom. My husband and I have a larger, walk-in closet that we could not fill with our own clothes, so I decided to combine everyone’s clothing into our larger  closet, leaving the kids’ closet for toy storage (with 4 beds in one room, there is very little room for toys).

The first thing I had to do was decide what types of storage units (dressers, plastic bins/drawers, rods, shelves, etc) would be best for the space. We already had  rods secured on the wall, with a 4 shelf unit as well. I had also acquired a 4-drawer dresser from my mom, as well as numerous plastic drawer units that we used in the kids’ closet and for my husband’s and my clothes. I decided to use the dresser for my husband and I and just use all the plastic drawer units for the kids. I did this for two reasons:

1. The kids can see through the front of the drawer, so they can know which drawer is for which kid.

2. I felt more comfortable giving the kids the plastic drawers to fool around with, opening and closing, rather than the nicer wood dresser. 🙂 Sorry, kids…don’t trust your “gentleness” that much!

I gave each girl 4 drawers (one each for shirts, pants, pj’s, and underwear/undershirts, socks), and I stacked their drawers by items rather than by girl. For example, I have all the underwear drawers stacked together, then all the shirt drawers stacked, and so on. I found this easier for me when putting away clean laundry – I went to one section only to put away all the undies and socks, rather than to each girl’s section. And when I pick out outfits for the next morning, I find it easier to grab a shirt for each girl, then move on to grab pants for each one, and so on.

The baby got 2 bigger drawers (one for shirts/onesies/hats/socks/bibs and one for pants/pj’s/shorts).

Two of the rods on the wall are for my husband and me. The shorter rod is for the kids’ nice clothes – Sunday clothing and other dressy items. I don’t hang up much for them because of the limited space and because I fold and stack them pretty well in the drawers, so I don’t find that we have a lot of wrinkled items when they put them on.

This system is what I found works best for us in this current house. When we move this month, we will have 2 more bedrooms and plenty of closet space for each child to store their clothes in their own room. Then, I’ll have the challenge of  simple organization in a whole new way!

Do you have any ideas or tips for easy closet organization for your kid(s)’s clothing? Feel free to share!!


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