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Tuesday’s Tips: Used Children’s Clothing

I realize this post series had the day “Tuesday” in it. 🙂 It’s so chaotic over here, I don’t even know what day of the week it is and OF COURSE, I missed posting this yesterday!

Regardless, Erika over at Just Peachy Photography has posted her ideas for acquiring used children’s clothing. Go there and read her post, then head back here to check out mine!


As I had mentioned in our last post about buying new kids’ clothing, I don’t buy a lot new. My kids are rough on clothes – not so much on dressy clothing but on the everyday stuff. Food, dirt, snot – all of that makes it onto or into their clothing regularly!

Acquiring USED clothing makes me feel A LOT better about messy kids. 🙂 Here’ are the ways I find most useful to get great used clothing:

1. Garage Sales! I love, love, LOVE garage sales. I am actually involved in selling for the first time this weekend at my future sis-in-law’s garage sale, so that’s exciting. But, I am a veteran at shopping the sales. Whether you go first thing in the morning or right before they end, you can find great deals on all types of clothes – play, dressy, shoes, etc. And the folks selling are usually pretty cool with bargaining – they want to get rid of the stuff just as bad as you want to take it off their hands! Just be sure to inspect the item for damages before paying.

2. Craigslist – You have to pick through more listings and only through pictures, but you CAN find decent clothing items for a good price. Usually the items are better in quality than garage sale items, but usually the price is a little higher. Be sure to check the item carefully before giving any money for it. There are no returns, usually, with these types of sales. (WARNING: Obviously, you are purchasing from strangers just like at garage sales. Unlike a garage sale, though, the pickup would be you ALONE picking up from them. Play it safe and meet in a public place or take someone with you! Not everyone is a creep, but since it’s someone you don’t know it’s best to BE SAFE.)

3. Resale or Thrift Shops – Try searching for thrift stores or resale stores in your area. You might have to do some searching once you’re in the store, but I have seen a lot of cute things for reasonable prices. Just like a garage sale or Craigslist purchase, be sure to check the item over before purchasing it. Most likely, you will not be able to return the item later. You can simply Google “thrift store near __(your town)__” and find what’s nearby!

4.Friends or Family – If you’re like me, you have friends and family with children. 🙂 Perhaps you could take some unwanted/leftover clothes off their hands? I have been blessed to be able to borrow baby clothing from both my sister and sister-in-law, which has saved us a TON of money. And I have a wonderful cousin  that has given us hand-me-downs from her daughter, who is a little older than my oldest. She did not need/want them, so I was doing her a small service by taking them and she was doing me a HUGE service by offering!! (Obviously, if you borrow clothes, you want to keep them in good condition!) If you aren’t able to borrow but could purchase them for a nominal amount, that might be another route to consider.

Hopefully you found some good ideas between Erika’s post and my post. If you have other ideas, feel free to share!


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