Menu Plan

Menu Plan 5/8 – 5/14

I did very minor grocery shopping yesterday, just Addy and I. It was fun to just take one child with me. Haven’t done that in a long time; it was good bonding time. I knew Addy liked to talk, but boy oh boy did she chat away with just me. 🙂 I guess she doesn’t quite get the same amount of talk time when her sisters and brother are with us, chattering away too! It was very fun, though, and I really enjoyed seeing her little personality and her imagination as she “helped” me at the store.

I only picked up a few fresh things and dairy. As I’m sure a lot of you can understand, money is so tight right now. I have had such an inner struggle lately with money and organic eating. Each week, I feel anxious making my grocery list and budgeting out the trip to the store. It’s so silly, to me. I have never been anxious about shopping for food. BUT, with making the sacrifice in other areas to eat organics, I worry about making the right choices for pricing and not overspending (which would make me feel like the sacrifices in other budgets are worthless then). God does not want us to be anxious…about anything. And I think sometimes I forget this because I feel like the burden is on ME to stretch our food budget for 2 weeks or more each paycheck.

Yesterday’s trip was light because we didn’t need too much and because I had exactly $43 to spend. Yikes! Some unexpected expenses for groceries and personal items came up last week, so I was left with less that I had hoped. I knew I had to make it work, so I prayed about it before doing a very serious inventory and only listing the items we absolutely needed to get us to the 15th, when Arthur gets paid next.

My menu plan this week has a lot of items we have on hand in the pantry, so I guess you could call this my “pantry shopping” week. 🙂 The only item I forgot to get was nursing pads (a necessity!), so I will have to run out for those tomorrow. They don’t have them at the store we went to, so it completely slipped my mind.

Did I mention I only had $43 to spend? And I had to get 1 gallon milk, 3 cheeses, 2 tomato paste, lettuce, bananas, 2 packages tortillas (yes, i was actually going to buy them instead of making them!), 2 dozen eggs, 2 packages buns (again, another item I usually make but needed to buy because I was short on ingredients and it would’ve cost me more to buy ingredients to make), and sour cream? Of those items, the only ones my stomach could handle NOT being organic are the bananas (because they have a peel), tortillas, buns, and maybe the sour cream. I try to always buy produce as organic (except things with a peel you don’t eat – like bananas), as well as all dairy. I was willing to buy sour cream not organic because the store didn’t carry any organic sour cream. And the cheeses available were all national brands, except for a brand from a dairy farm in Wisconsin….and the ingredients didn’t list any additives or preservatives. Sooo, I sacrificed the sour cream and cheeses for non-organic kinds. It was sample day at the store, and I splurged on a box of store brand crackers for $2 after we sampled them. 🙂 My total at checkout? Even with the extra box of crackers and everything on my list….$42.16! I was so happy! I got a good deal on 2 half gallons of milk (they ended up being cheaper than buying 1 gallon….same brand. usually it’s the other way around with prices – 1 gallon is cheaper than buying 2 half gallons. glad i checked the prices!), as well as 2 dozen MEDIUM eggs instead of my regular large. I figured we could handle medium eggs (which were $1.10 cheaper each dozen than the large) for a week. I almost bought regular tomato paste because 1 large can of regular paste was the same price as 1 tiny can of the organic paste. But, I know that tomatoes are one of the worst items for pesticide exposure, and my stomach was turning thinking about it. (Yes, I’m weird like that!) So, I bought the organic.

I planned out my meals before I went to the store. And I was overjoyed that I stayed in budget. God definitely answered my prayer in providing affordable options, yet allowing us to continue with our mostly organic eating.

So, after all that babbling, here is my weekly menu. It’s a bit on the frugal side, but we’ll make do. 🙂


Waffles, Fruit

Cinnamon Rolls, Fruit

Oatmeal topped with Fruit

Pancakes, Fruit

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Oatmeal, Fruit

Egg and Sausage Hash, Toast, Fruit

Cereal (organic; for the girls), Fruit; Eggs (for Arthur, Me, and Buddy), Fruit


PB & Honey, Fruit, Yogurt x 2

Leftovers, Fruit x 5 (I plan to have LOTS of leftovers…or at least HOPE to!)


Pasta w/Homemade Sauce, Salad

BBQ Fried Rice (Meatless), Green Beans

Pizza Burgers, Green Beans, Corn

Steak Tacos, Spanish Rice, Refried Beans

Veggie Barley Soup, Salad, Breadsticks

Veggies (Broccoli and carrots) and Brown Rice w/Gravy, Peas

Red Beans & Rice, Green Beans



Granola Bars

Granola and Yogurt

Frozen Grapes (Lily’s favorite!)

Mexican cookies Grandma brought for the girls yesterday (they are super yummy cinnamon cookies….not organic, but still….we’ll eat them) 🙂


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