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Freezer Filling

I have been trying to keep up with Money Saving Mom’s Filling Your Freezer challenge. This week, I will not be able to participate in making lunch items to freeze. 😦 I bookmarked the page, though, and plan to try some of them next week, after I do my grocery shopping.

I was successful in keeping up with last week’s activities. I missed yesterday’s item, the baking mix, so I made it this morning. I could only make half of the recipe, though, because I was running out of coconut oil. In fact, I didn’t even have enough coconut oil to make 1/2 the recipe, so I had to sub in butter for the last 1/4 cup! And I didn’t put in powdered milk because I didn’t have any, so when I mix it up for things, I will add in milk instead of water – no big deal.

I am inspired by this series of hers and wanted to keep up the make-ahead motivation, so I found a few things I can make ahead this week to have on hand.

Today, I am making about 12 cups of veggie broth. My quart container in the freezer was full of veggie clippings and leftovers, so I tossed them in water and they are simmering as we speak. I’ll divide that up and have it in the freezer for upcoming rice recipes.

I am also hoping to make a large batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and freeze half. And when I make granola bars this week, I will double it and freeze half of those, too. I am running low on honey, though, so I will substitute molasses for the honey (not a big difference at all in taste, to me), and I’m out of peanut butter chips, so these will be strictly chocolate chip bars. No complaints here. 😉

Are any of you practicing the make-ahead principle this week? Or on a regular basis? What kinds of things to you make-ahead and freeze? Please share! I love new ideas!!


One thought on “Freezer Filling

  1. I am new to her blog, but have been doing freezer cooking for a few months. I LOVE it. Well – I love the result, the work pretty much stinks. The best advice I’d give to someone who doesn’t have a day to dedicate is to double up what you are cooking anyway, then freeze half. After 2 weeks of doing that, you have two weeks of meals done.

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