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Weekly Recap

The weather has been so crazy around here! Those of you in my area know what I’m talking about. Last week we were wearing jeans and coats. Then it was cool and rainy. Then yesterday it was 86 degrees!! Thunderstorms rolled in last night and now it’s just muggy and 70-ish. So strange.

But, it’s been fun trying to sneak outside to play between storms and cool streaks. Yesterday, we had school outside in the afternoon. We sat in the shade on a blanket (Iris, Lily and I) and did our worksheets while Addy played and Buddy sat in the stroller snacking. It was gorgeous out…as long as you were in the shade! 🙂 Sitting right in the sun was HOT! We took a walk around 11AM and that was warm enough for me. I tried to sit in the shade the rest of the time outside.

Addy and I also got the rest of our vegetable seeds planted. I am a little overly ambitious with the seeds this year; hopefully at least some of them produce something! We planted (all in planters/pots since we’re moving and want to be able to take them all with us!) broccoli, spinach, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, Echinacea and lavender. The broccoli, spinach and carrots were planted 2 weeks ago, since those can be done before the last potential frost (and I’m pretty sure we had frost in the last 2 weeks – crazy weather!). The Echinacea and lavender were done that week also, but we’re keeping them inside for now. I set them outside finally yesterday. Can’t wait to see what actually grows! 🙂

I am participating in Money Saving Mom‘s Four Weeks to Fill Your Freezer. And I’m loving it! It’s been great motivation for me to get some things made ahead of time, so I’m not spending every waking moment in the kitchen. 🙂 I literally make every meal we eat from scratch, but I have not been making anything ahead of time lately, so I have been spending an obnoxious amount of time in the kitchen cooking/baking for every meal. It’s getting old….FAST! I love cooking, but I also love not standing on my feet for an hour at a time. So, this week, I have been making the items listed on Money Saving Mom’s list. So far, I’ve made 2 loaves banana bread, 2 dozen cinnamon rolls, and now I’m catching up from yesterday’s task and making a triple batch of Belgian waffles. Only 1 loaf of bread went into the freezer, as well as only 1 dozen cinnamon rolls. We ate the others. 🙂 I am going to give the girls some waffles for snack this morning then put the rest in the freezer. I think today’s task is to mix up a baking mix. I’m missing some of the ingredients, but I’m sure I can add them at the time I make something. So, I’ll put together the ingredients I have and toss it in the freezer.

I highly recommend her filling the freezer series. It’s a great way to keep from being frazzled at meal time, by making things ahead and just pulling them out to reheat later. Soooo helpful!

My waffle is starting to burn! Time to go. Have a great weekend!


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