Tuesday’s Tips: Buying Children’s Clothing

Now that we’ve ended our grocery savings series, Erika at Just Peachy Photography and I are going to do a few posts on other topics that we are familiar with. Today, we are starting a series on clothing. First topic, Buying Children’s Clothing. Erika started the post HERE, talking about a few places she purchases NEW kids’ clothing. After reading her post, come back and read below for my thoughts…



Erika gave some great tips on her top 3 stores for purchasing new clothing for kids. I don’t purchase new clothing very often, but when I do here are a few stores I like:

  • Target – I enjoy scanning the clearance racks at Target. When marked down 75%, sometimes I can find t-shirts for very cheap (I’m talking under $1!). Yes, the quality isn’t that great, but summertime clothes get roughed up a bit here, so cheap clothes are ok with me. I don’t feel as bad when I see holes and have to toss them out! Target has clothing coupons online from time to time. I like to print them out as soon as they’re up (they go quickly!) and get discounts that way, too!
  • Kohls – I know Erika mentioned this one, but I like Kohl’s clearance a lot! I don’t shop there often, but when I do I check out clearance racks and try to grab items for the following year or season.
  • Old Navy – Another of Erika’s suggestions. I LOVE their clearance also (can you tell I’m a clearance rack fan?!) :). I feel like their clothes are maybe a step up in quality from Target’s clothes, but Old Navy still has cheap prices on clearance and again, I don’t feel as bad if they get ruined after just a few wears.

I can’t remember the last time I paid the full price for a clothing item for the kids. With 4 kids, most of our budget goes toward food! 🙂 So, I try to be sensible about the AMOUNT of clothing I have for each child and the PRICE I pay for it. My kids are rough when they’re outside. We already lost 2 pairs of jeans to holes in the knees this Spring. 😦 So, I would hate to spend $20 for a pair of pants for one kid and then have the knees worn through a few weeks later. Granted, I will keep the jeans to use as strictly play jeans, but still….I would never pay $20 for jeans (even for myself!).

If you are trying to save money, paying full price for clothing is a good thing to avoid. Try hitting the clearance racks and be sure to ask employees when the items go to clearance. For our Target, Mondays is when kids’ clothing moves to clearance (or the next bracket of clearance – 25% to 50% and then to 75% off). If I need to pick up clothing, I try to go on Mondays (EARLY!) and get a huge discount. Otherwise, I try to hit up Old Navy for clearance.

Do you have any tips for saving money on purchasing new clothes for kids? I am all ears!!


4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tips: Buying Children’s Clothing

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