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A Few Things On My Mind

We drove out to see the new house last Saturday before Easter. It was so exciting to see the main level floor was on and two walls were ready to go up. Yesterday, we drove out there again and the entire house was up! All the walls and half of the roof were done!! It’s really coming together and looks beautiful! šŸ™‚

The girls love going out there, but I think Arthur and I love it even more. We are talking more about furnishings and organizing things. August can’t come soon enough! I will eventually post some pictures of the lot and progress. I’m just lazy. No surprise there.


Today, I’m fighting a cold. šŸ˜¦ It came on very sudden. Yesterday morning I was totally fine. By bedtime last night, I couldn’t hardly talk. My throat was/is swollen, my voice was gone, and I was having trouble breathing while lying down. I want to try to go without conventional medicines for this time around, but I caved and took a small amount of NyQuil before bed (half of the recommended dosage) just to soothe my throat because the 3 cups of tea and honey and lemon didn’t seem to help. I took some Echinacea Zinc lozenges, as well as put eucalyptus oil on a kleenex near my pillow and rubbed our “Chinese medicine” on the bottoms of my feet and on my back because I felt a little achy. The “Chinese medicine” is this liquid topical medicine from Arthur’s grandmother. She used it on my father-in-law as a child, he used it on my husband, and now we use it. The bottle’s writing is all in Chinese, but there are a few English words to suggest it’s a rub for sore muscles and other random things. It seems to work. I think his Grandma got it from her naturopathic doctor. She is also the one that got us started with taking cod liver oil. We just stopped taking it like 2 weeks ago, thinking the cold and flu season was ending. Big mistake, apparently. šŸ™‚ Plus, I missed 2 days of taking my vitamins last weekend at my parents’, so I think I screwed with my immunity. I’m the only one that is “sick”…and I’m the only one that missed taking my vitamins. Coincidence? I think not! šŸ™‚


I have been taking an internet break the past two weeks. Facebook is so addictive. I tell myself I’m just getting on there to post an update (which is of little importance!), but I end up scanning other people’s updates and pictures then notice I’ve lost 30 minutes doing absolutely nothing!

I fell behind on housework and strongly feel it’s because I spend too much time online. I enjoy reading about what others are doing and how their families are, but I have a hard time with disciplining myself to ONLY get online after I’ve done what needs to be done here at home. My first priority should be my family and my to do list, but I keep justifying my breaks to jump online before I’ve even earned a break!

So, I’m limiting my time online to just an hour a day. It’s actually taking me more than an hour to write this stinkin’ post because the kids are acting silly and I can’t stop coughing! Haha!

I hope to keep up with my regular posting by planning ahead more/better because the blog is of most importance as far as online things go.

Off to make some lunch. I’m having leftover homemade veggie noodle soup. Homemade chicken and veggie broths in it and Amish egg noodles. mmmm. Just what this sickie body needs!!


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