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A Mini Vacation

Once again, I went M.I.A. from my blog. 🙂

My husband had this week off, so we spent some time at my parents’ house, then fitting in 5 appointments for all kinds of things, and ended the week at my in-laws. I wasn’t going to let the girls miss a week of school, but after all the appointments spread out over the week, I didn’t have a choice. We had about an hour at a time to just sit and collect our thoughts!

Thursday I did some work with Iris. We reviewed money values and did some handwriting. It was short and very casual – we sat on my bed, just the two of us, while the other kids watched a movie with Dad downstairs.

We got a little off course with our eating, too. Last weekend, we ate at my parents’ house. It was soooo good (my mom is a phenomenal cook!!), but I snacked more than I normally do – and on things I don’t normally snack on…like jelly beans! – so my tummy wasn’t overly happy with my choices. And I found out that not just my stomach has become accustomed to organic eating; my head was pounding after we came home. Thought it was a fluke, until we had pizza at my in-laws on Thursday night and I woke up with a headache on Friday. So, there’s incentive to stick with good eating. 🙂

Today is going to be a baking day. We are out of bread and good snacks; I plan to bake 2 loaves (by hand because I miss my honey wheat bread and don’t have a good one for my bread machine to make), peanut butter bars, oatmeal cookies, trail mix (easy – I already have the granola made), dinner rolls, and maybe some biscuits for breakfast this week. I’d also like to try a new recipe for egg and bacon cups I found online. Seems really yummy but hands on, so we’ll see how the day goes. 🙂

Husband’s back at work today, so we are getting back to normal.

Oh! I almost forgot…we had our pre-construction meeting for the new house this week! They excavated and poured the foundation last week. We met with the construction manager to go over the building process, which both my husband and I found really interesting. We went over to our lot after the meeting and a guy was there water-proofing the foundation. We have a million pictures of it all. (When I say all, I actually mostly just mean a hole in the ground and some concrete and lots of dirt/mud everywhere.) We also found out our lot is bigger than we thought, so that was fun! Our estimated closing date is August 9th.

It’s so quiet out there at the new house. Lots of farms and no highways close by (10 miles away, to be exact). I can’t wait for night out there, when it’s really dark and we don’t have a million neighbors in close proximity coming home at all times and headlights shining everywhere in our windows. 🙂 We only have one neighbor, and so far we have never seem them home whenever we’re out there. I hear there are lots of kids in the subdivision, so that sounds fun for our kids. Other than to buy groceries (or go see family), we really don’t need to leave the subdivision. There’s a pool and workout room and a park and (hopefully) lots of friends for the kids.

Four months seems like so long to wait for something we have wanted for a long time, but I guess it’s really not that long at all! Can’t wait to just get in there and be settled!!


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