Homeschool Checkup

This week has been amazing!

All 5 of our caterpillars have made a chrysalis, and we transferred them from their jar into the butterfly garden (net). So, if a few days they should be hatching out as butterflies! It’s very exciting! The girls are having so much fun, checking in on them every couple of hours. I will admit, this is pretty exciting for me, too! I am amazed at the transformation they go through, and how quickly they can make a chrysalis! I thought it would take several days, but they made the hard shells in a day! So fascinating to watch the little caterpillar bodies wriggle to move the hardening skin around. Amazing is definitely the word to describe it. 🙂

Iris has been doing really great with reading. She works hard to sound out words and is starting to remember what certain words look like from one story to the next. We are working on more sight words, and she really enjoys going through sight word flashcards with Lily. I let Iris go through each card, say the word, then hold it up and show it to Lily while saying it again. Iris likes to think she’s teaching Lily (and she is), so it keeps her from whining about having to do another drill. 😉

For math, Iris has been doing well counting by 2’s (evens only so far). She can go up to about 50 with a few errors, but I think she is starting to see the pattern of 2, 4, 6, 8, 0 over and over. Yesterday she had to fill in a chart of odd numbers, and she didn’t like it. BUT, I let her sit by our big chart on the wall and work on it herself, so I think that helped with her feeling like she was doing it all on her own.

Lily has been working on numbers 11 to 20 and did fabulous counting and writing them on her own! She had to do a fill in the missing numbers exercise and didn’t even look at our big number chart! She is also picking up on the counting by 2’s that I do with Iris but I’m not pushing her to memorize them just yet.

She has been absorbing some of the sight words Iris is reviewing, as well as practice sounding out 3 letter words. I am pretty impressed with how much she is taking in just by listening to Iris and I repeat exercises.

Addy worked on her busy box yesterday, scooping pom-poms into cup using a small spoon. She struggles at dinner with using a spoon and keeping it balanced, so that exercise should help a little. She also practiced putting straws into small holes of a cup to help with coordination also.

Today, Iris will work on addition cards (the problem is on one card and she has to match it up with the solution on another card) and odd numbers. Lily will continue with numbers 11-20, as well as sounding out words. Addy will do some coloring and sorting blocks by colors.

And, hopefully all of that actually happens! 🙂 You just never know with kids what will actually get done or who will throw a fit and throw a wrench into the plans. 🙂


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