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Winter-Summer Confusion

Well, this past week we have had some out of the ordinary weather. All week was in the 70’s and 80’s! AND IT’S STILL WINTER! That is very unusual for our area of the Midwest!

I spent every afternoon outside with the kids since last Sunday. Can you say exhausting?! 🙂 We have loved every minute of it, though. I had to dig out all of our Summer wardrobe, though, so we now have a mess of boxes in my bedroom and a crazy confusion of long-sleeved pajamas and tank top nightgowns on the floor! This week, I plan to sort it out and get it in their drawers.

School last week was pretty quiet. We had Thursday and Friday off for Dad’s days off. Our caterpillars came in the mail on Thursday! We are very excited to do our caterpillar study this week and watch them form their cocoons hopefully at the end of this week. They are so intriguing; they practically doubled in size in just the first 2 days! Addy is enjoying pointing out all their poop. 🙂

We have been busy with house stuff, too. We are eagerly awaiting a call from our construction manager for our first meeting, so they can break ground and start building. Since the winter was SO mild, they should be able to start building very soon! Very exciting! We went out there last weekend to see the new clubhouse in the subdivision and the spot where they will put in a pool this June! This week, we have a village inspector here at our current home; our village requires a rental license with an inspection before we can rent it out, so we wanted to get that all squared away well before we are out of here. The inspector was super nice and very impressed with how clean the house was, with 4 kids crammed in here! 🙂 Totally made my day!

Next weekend, we have to attend a housing seminar required by the village. Not very excited about that, but I hear it’s informative about how to find good tenants and keep your home crime-free while renting it to others. I hope it’s worth the 4 hours they are requiring of me!

This Spring and Summer are going to be very busy; we have something going on practically every weekend from now until mid-June…then we’ll be focused on packing and moving!

This week, I should be back to posting my regular things. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the next installment of Tuesday’s Tips with Erika at Just Peachy Photography!


One thought on “Winter-Summer Confusion

  1. I hear ya with the busy spring/summer! I was talking to Jon and realized we have something every weekend from now until June, too and then I need to get myself and kids ready to head to Rochester (my plan is to have everything ready by 35 weeks…we’ll see if that happens). Glad you guys are enjoying the weather, too! And my DKers loved when we had the caterpillars too. Loved watching/releasing the butterflies! 🙂 Have fun!

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