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Weekly Recap

This week has been fairly quiet. We were relaxed for school this week, just taking our time getting things done. Today we will head over to the library, so I can work with Iris on the computers there. The library has lots of games on the kid computers, and I plan to work on some of the math ones with her.

I ordered our butterfly larvae yesterday; we will be studying butterflies in two weeks. I am very excited about it – much like I was for the ant study! πŸ™‚

The new menu planning has worked out well for us this week. Last night was a Grain night. I made brown rice, cooked with carrots and celery and seasonings. Then we poured a homemade white sauce over it. Arthur worked late, so it was an easy dinner for the kids and I.

Last night was also Wipeout night! We let the kids stay up on Thursday nights until 8pm to watch that show Wipeout. πŸ™‚ It’s fun and hilarious. Artie went to bed early, but the girls and I stayed up for it. Of course, they were grouchy this morning when they still got up at 6AM!

Our next meat order from Wallace Farms goes in this weekend. We have loved the meat we ordered from them! So far, we’ve tried their bacon, breakfast sausage, ground beef, and beef roast. We have a few steaks – I might make them for dinner tonight as a surprise for Arthur. He thinks I’m making pizza. πŸ™‚ We haven’t had steak in so long, it will be a nice treat.

A local farm will have their fresh eggs available this month also, so I can’t wait to go pick those up. I really like the idea of buying fresh and local. Even though they aren’t CERTIFIED organic (because it’s very expensive and a lot of paperwork) yet, they do let you tour their farm and go in to see the animals. That’s more comforting, for me, than even buying something certified organic but not knowing who it was that raised that animal. Wallace Farms isn’t exactly local; they are a collection of organic farmers in Iowa and surrounding states. BUT, they are committed to organic practices and are for the most part an open book.

I do plan to do a post on here about organic foods and how to buy them, what to look for, and why organic may or may not be best. I just need to get my thoughts together about it; you might have noticed I am not the best writer (LOL!), so preparation for the post will help it make the most sense and express my feelings and purpose the best.

My alarm didn’t go off this morning, so I am still without a shower and it’s almost 8Am! I decided to make pancakes, so I had limited time after waking up “late”.

Better get going, so we can get to the library. Have a good weekend!


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