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Homeschool Checkup

We are taking an easy approach to school this week. I haven’t done any math with Iris, since she had such a hard week with counting by 2’s last week. Thought I’d give her a break.

So, this week we are focusing mainly on reading. I cut out Bible lessons, other than reviewing our memory verse. We did a science project about rocks, too. Other than that, our study has mostly been reading. Iris worked on sight words and reading the BOB sight word books she got for Christmas from my mom. She really likes them, but I have to watch because she likes to try to memorize them. 🙂

Today, we are going to work on school in the afternoon. Arthur is home from work until lunch time, so the girls are hanging out for the morning.

Next week, I plan to resume the counting by 2’s. I am going to try to work in some different things to help her learn them – using beans to count, flashcards, fill in the blanks, etc. Hoping it works!


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