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Menu Plan

I am yet again changing up our menu planning. After frustration with finding a variety of meals (and failing miserably with my desire to cook an elaborate dish at 4pm a few afternoons last week), my husband suggested I set a type of them for each day of the week and just pick a recipe that fits that theme. This would be rather than trying to find a unique recipe for each day of the week and would give me a little more focus and less of a range for finding a satisfying meal. I laughed at him – who is he to suggest that I narrow my focus for our weeknight meals?! 🙂 And then I realized that I was wasting time worrying about finding 21 meals each week and could use some time-saving methods (and still get a good and healthy meal on the table).

Ok, I feel like I’m rambling. My problem was this: I would sit down to plan out our 7 dinners for the week and just feel lost. There were TOO MANY options! I have all these great recipes, plus ones I’ve bookmarked online that I want to try, plus a few magazine cutouts to try. You get the idea. TOO MANY! I would go back and forth on what to make and try not to repeat a main ingredient 2 days in a row.

I admitted my husband was right (that doesn’t happen often) and decided some sort of recurring theme each week for every day would work best for us now. This is what I’ve decided to try:

Monday – Couscous (regular or pearl, doesn’t matter. We just love this enough to make it a weekly dinner!)

Tuesday – Casserole

Wednesday – Soup

Thursday – Grain Main Dish (millet, quinoa, barley)

Friday – Homemade pizza (this might change, as making pizza every Friday could get old, but we’ll see)

Saturday – leftovers, if it’s Arthur’s weekend off; a rice dish if it’s a week he works

Sunday – Open (I could use this as a leftover night if needed, or a night I would boil a chicken and use the meat for a simple dish, or make some steaks. Whatever we want.)

If I decide this doesn’t work, I will sit down and think up a different arrangement or different categories. I am open for ideas, too! So, feel free to throw them my way!

Things just get hectic around here. Monday nights are AWANA at church, every other Tuesday night is small group, Wednesdays could be a late night for Arthur at work, Thursday and Friday are his days off every other week and we are busy doing something or he could be working late, and the same for the weekends – he works every other one and could be working in the evening on Sundays. And we don’t know when he will be working his 12pm-9pm shift until a few days before, so things change around here often and quickly. Having set categories for dinners might help with some stability when other uncontrollable things go nuts! 🙂

What do you do for your menu plans? I’d love to hear!


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