Weekly Recap

This week was kind of boring until Thursday, when Arthur was off. I was able to go do food pantry work at church ALONE :), while the kids stayed home with Dad. It was so nice to work in silence and get things done more quickly!

Thursday afternoon, we surprised the girls and took them to an indoor play place. It is full of bouncy house things for ages 2 and up. They loved it! Addy got into it, too. She normally gets nervous around them all, but she ended up going on all of them and even went down the giant slide alone. That slide is super high, even makes MY stomach drop! It was fun; I was so worn out afterward.

We spent Thursday evening watching Wheel of Fortune and Wipeout! The girls love both shows; we pretend we’re on the show and see if we can win. It is very cute to watch them get into it.

Yesterday, Arthur ended up having to go in to work for four hours, though he was supposed to be off. 😦 It worked out, though, and I was able to get the girls’ school work done while he was gone. This allowed us to be free today to dIo….NOTHING!

Last night my in-laws came over for dinner and to see the kids. They decided to stay the night and surprised the girls in the morning. Arthur had to work today, but the kids and I spent this morning with my in-laws. They just left, so I am excited to get a shower and get some things done around the house without having to wait until school work is done!

I made a new dish for dinner last night, as well as a new dessert; I will post both either today or Monday. They were delicious! Tonight, I am making pizzas for us and tomorrow is church.

Thankful for a great week and some fun time with Dad!


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