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Weekly Recap

We are ending another great week with a pizza night! And I am NOT making the pizza tonight! Yahoo! 🙂 I had a coupon code for a FREE large pizza and a 2 liter of pop from Papa John’s from some Super Bowl special…that I don’t remember signing up for! Hopefully our tummies don’t get all worked up, as this is obviously not an organic meal.

Arthur is working late tonight and doesn’t really like Papa John’s, so the girls and I are enjoying our ham pizza and Sierra Mist. We are also watching some Discovery Channel show on Netflix about sea monsters. ?? Iris picked it out, but I think it’s pretty ridiculous; they are talking about supposed sea creatures and monsters that lived “millions of years ago.” It’s actually kind of humorous.

School went well this week. The girls and I had a lot more patience with each other than the past few weeks, so it was more enjoyable to be around each other.

We finally had a snow “storm” last night and ended up with about 5 inches of snow (my guess). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the kids outside to play in it, and tomorrow is supposed to be really cold. 😦 The girls weren’t too upset. I let them watch movies today.

It was a minimal shopping week, but I didn’t find some great deals on the few items I bought. I will post my menu plan tomorrow or Sunday, probably.

I am excited to be going to a girls afternoon get-together with a couple girlfriends tomorrow. Artie will be coming with me, but it will be a nice break from the house and my girls. My mother-in-law and Arthur will be here with the girls.

And that’s about it. Quiet week, for the most part. No complaints, though! It was still a pretty great week. I stayed on task for almost the whole week, so I felt pretty productive.

Time to switch out the laundry – washing bathroom rugs and some clothes Addy had an accident in today. 😦 That’s rare for her, so I tried not to get upset with her. I told her to work on getting to the bathroom sooner, so she doesn’t wet on the floor. Her reply? “It’s ok, Mom. You my best friend and you like cleaning my messes.” 🙂 I can’t really argue with that cuteness.


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