Vitacost Referral Program


I have heard so many good things about Vitacost, but I haven’t actually ever tried them. I have had an account with them for a loooong time, and I browse their products now and then. I finally decided to start taking advantage of their referral program and share it with you!

Vitacost offers a referral program that allows those with an account to share a unique link for friends and family to check out. Those that share my info as the referer (when they set up their own account) will get a coupon code for $10 off their first order. In return for referring new customers, I will get a $10-off coupon code as well (once my referrals place an order)! It’s a win-win! AND, once you have an account, YOU can start referring people too and get the $10 COUPON again when your referrals place their first order.

So, here’s my unique link. Be sure to use this link, so I can get the credit (yes, I’m greedy! LOL)!


They have so many vitamins, healthcare products, and personal care items available. Check them out! They even have sports nutrition items, for those of you interested – that’s what first drew me to their site…stuff for my husband, the marathoner. 🙂


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