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Weekly Recap

This week flew by! It always does when Arthur has days off. Too bad the days he isn’t here don’t fly by as well. 😦

We enjoyed having him home for a full seven days! Several fun things happened this week.

Last weekend, we enjoyed having Arthur’s Grandmother and Great Aunt here for the day on Saturday. The girls love visiting with them, so it was a great time for them as well. Grandma brought the girls a bunch of necklaces she had. Lily especially loves Grandma Birdie’s jewelry. 🙂 They were ecstatic to get some necklaces and rings and fun music-making Spring/Easter cards to play with. Artie received a Winnie the Pooh book, which he thoroughly enjoyed gnawing on, as well as 2 Pooh picture frames. It was really nice to spend the day with them.

Sunday, we enjoyed company of friends from church in the evening.

AWANA was cancelled on Monday, so we got to spend the evening together here at home, which we haven’t done in a long time.

Tuesday was Valentine’s Day! The girls had already given Arthur his valentine last week – a painted ceramic heart with their names on it. We went to the library to do the Valentine’s Day craft and met up with Erika from Just Peachy Photography and her boys! We didn’t get to spend too much time with them because her boys had school in the afternoon and we got there late. BUT, it was nice to see them.

I got to do groceries all by myself on Wednesday. It was awesome! 🙂 I have really started to enjoy the time out of the house ALONE to do groceries. It’s so much less stressful and now that we’re eating organic I need more concentration to find good prices and deals.We increased our grocery budget slightly, starting this week. I was a little sad to do it, but we decided we were going to do it starting this Summer anyway because Artie would be a year and eating regular foods by then probably. BUT, he eats so much now and since I make his baby food, we were noticing a very tight budget for groceries. And then with the organic foods, money wasn’t stretching as far as it used to. 😦 I know it needed to be done, so I am thankful we were financially able to. And I felt a little less anxious about groceries this week, knowing I had a little more cushion.

We also decided to buy meat from a farmer in the area. They sell all kinds of meat – beef, lamb, pork, poultry. We are ordering steaks and ground beef, as well as bacon, sausage and ground turkey. I am hoping this will last us 2 months, since we eat meat only a few times a week.

Whole Foods had a SUPER deal on organic whole chickens yesterday. $1.99 a pound! I haven’t seen that great a deal on organic chicken yet! I ran in and bought 3 whole chickens for $20!! SO EXCITING!! There was a limit of 10 a person, and I gladly would’ve bought 10 and frozen them, but that would’ve been dipping into the meat money for that farmer, so I went conservative. 🙂

I boiled one of the chickens yesterday for last night’s dinner. I ended up with 4 quarts of chicken broth after boiling the chicken, removing the meat and then boiling the bones and celery and carrots for an additional 2 hours. I love getting meat AND broth from the whole chickens. Broth can get expensive! (Although, I have noticed Whole Foods almost always has their beef, chicken and vegetable broths – all organic – for $1.99 a quart. Not bad.)

Today, we are taking it easy. This weather has me all stuffed up. It was freezing, then in the 40’s, then cold again. My body is so confused! I will sleep with some eucalyptus oil on a tissue near my pillow tonight (works wonders for opening up the sinuses!). I would’ve last night, but I remembered after I was already in bed and snuggled.

Oh, and lastly. I decided to branch out a bit into natural medicines. I have been reading online and plan to get some library books as well, to learn all I can about using herbs and oils to help with illness or injury. Modern medicines can be expensive and full of a lot of CRAP! I think since we’re eating so much better, using better/healthier medicines is only natural (haha…no pun intended. ok, it was intended!).  Last night, I used tea tree oil on this weird skin rash/irritation Arthur has on his legs, hands, face and ears. We aren’t sure if it’s a reaction to a lotion he had been sing or what. He tried a ginger bath on Thursday night, but I think my ginger was too dried out and not potent enough. He didn’t get the sweating effect that everyone reports after taking that bath. I picked up more ginger root yesterday, so he can try it again tonight. I feel bad. He’s itchy, but we just can’t figure out what exactly is going on. He’ll call his doctor if not starting to get better by Monday. 😦

So, it was a really great family week. Other than Addy’s stuffiness and cough she started the week with, and my stuffiness and Arthur’s rash we ended the week with…it was great! 🙂


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