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Weekly Recap

This week was busy with fun! πŸ™‚ We celebrated 100 Day for school and enjoyed 2 full days of studying George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, so it was a change from the normal routine for school and we learned a lot!

I took the kids to Kohl’s to use some gift cards they’d received for Christmas. They had so much fun picking out things, and Iris even learned about clearance racks and how you can get more for your money if you shop from the clearance section! (sigh) That’s my girl!!

Artie had a rough week of teething and crying it out at night. I am utterly exhausted with his new habit of waking up to nurse at midnight or 2AM, so we went back to letting him cry it out. It is driving the girls crazy, but they know it needs to be done in order for him to be a good sleeper. I think he’s starting to figure it out; he didn’t wake up at all last night, so that’s a plus! He has one tooth that came through, and I think 2 others are close behind. Poor guy just can’t get comfortable during the day, gnawing on everything he can.

Artie also moved up into almost all 12 month clothing, so I spent yesterday afternoon changing out his clothes. Such a chore! That is my least favorite thing to do – switch out clothes. But, I’m happy he is growing….kinda miss my little baby somewhat. 😦 He’s still a snuggler, though, so no complaints.

The girls helped me vacuum and clean yesterday. They love doing it, so when I have the patience for it I let them help. πŸ™‚ It can be trying because everything turns into a contest and teasing and fighting, but I’d like for them to get use to cleaning so they can do it more regularly in a few years!

Arthur is off for seven days! Today is his first day off. He is on his way home with his Grandmother and Great Aunt, so they can visit with us for the afternoon. They haven’t met baby Artie yet; it’s been a long time since we’ve seen them. Schedules just never work out for us to get together.

Tomorrow is church and then back to regular activities on Monday. Although, having Arthur off all week will be interesting. Hopefully he can keep Artie and Addy occupied during school time, and Lily, Iris and I can get in some good quality class time!!

Have a great weekend!!


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