Homeschool Checkup


This week, we celebrated our 100th Day of school!! We spend Monday and Tuesday studying Presidents and making books about Washington and Lincoln. Yesterday was 100 Day!

We made cool “Happy 100 Day” crowns and attached “100” glasses to them. They couldn’t see very well out of them, but they were fun to make! 🙂

We drew what we would look like at 100 years old. Iris said she would be a tiny person.

Addy said at 100 years old, she would have 2 purses, a present and a car. Of course, she might have had some help drawing this picture. 🙂


Lily said she would be a genie at 100 years old.

We counted out beans, 10 at a time, to fill ten muffin cups; then we counted by 10’s to 100!

They were excited to move our place value counter to 1oo!

We also counted out 100 steps in the basement at church while there doing some work. Then, after lunch, I surprised them with NO NAPS and a trip to the mall. We went and painted a ceramic heart for Dad for Valentine’s Day, and everyone got to put their name on it! Then, we got some frozen yogurt! They were so surprised and (I think!) had a lot of fun! Great way to spend a celebratory day! Even Artie got in on the fun:

Happy 100 Day!




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