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Weekly Recap

Another crazy week! This is becoming the norm around here, it seems!

My dad is finally home from the hospital, which is a huge praise! Hopefully he will recover quicker at home and be back at 100% very soon!

We were at my parents’ house last weekend and came home Sunday evening. Tuesday night, around 11pm, Addy became sick and threw up several times. Arthur and I spent the night on the couches with her. This is only the 2nd time she’s ever thrown up, so she is still confused by it all and gets scared when it’s happening. Poor baby. 😦 She seemed to be on the mend Wednesday night, but she was still pretty lethargic and completely out of energy both Thursday and Friday. She is finally looking like her normal self this morning. She didn’t really have an appetite and was taking very long naps, so it was hard to help her build up any energy to do anything other than lie around!

We had school on Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday was dedicated to grocery day and doing our running around. The girls did some schoolwork in the evening while I made dinner, but we split up Tuesday’s work between that evening and Thursday morning. It was very different from our normal routine, but it was just us working around all the errands and then Addy’s illness and everyone’s exhaustion from the crazy past two weeks. I think all the driving to Indiana and back just wore us out. Not that we regret it at all (I actually wished we had been able to go back again this week), but being so out of our routine really upsets our sleep and motivation! Thankfully, my dad is home now, so we can go visit when he feels up to it and have a regular visit/stay there.

Tuesday’s grocery trip was exciting….not! 🙂 It took us forever to go to 2 stores, so we had to do our drugstore shopping in the afternoon, after naps. two and a half hours to go to Jewel and Whole Foods! That’s crazy! And we were so worn out afterward. I found a good deal on body washes, though, at CVS later that day. I had planned to do a body wash deal at Walgreens to get $4 in Register Rewards back, but it turned out the same deal was available  (same sale price and coupons to use) at CVS with a return of $6 ECB’s! Score! I did that one and didn’t even have to go over to Walgreens! AND, our CVS now has a Redbox so we were able to use a free rental code and get a movie for the night, too! Great end to a tiring day!

Wednesday, since we were stuck home with Addy’s illness, became a baking day. I made 2 loaves of honey whole wheat bread, 4 braided rounds, and a cinnamon swirl banana loaf. All turned out great!

I have lost so much motivation this past month. Not totally sure why. But, I do know I haven’t been reading my Bible in the mornings like I should or use to, so I’m pretty sure that’s why I have felt out of it. Because I’ve been tired, I’ve been sleeping past my normal 5:20 wake up time, but I have felt even more tired because I’m rushed in the morning and then don’t feel like getting up early the next morning. It’s a vicious cycle, really…..and I’m hoping to get out of it starting tomorrow!

I made a few resolutions this week with regard to food, groceries, cleaning, and pretty much everything else around here. I plan to WRITE THEM DOWN, so they’re not just swirling around in my head and I can feel a little more accountable with accomplishing them because they’re on paper staring at me, rather than just being moved to the bottom of my mental lists each day. 🙂

Time to make some baby food now. On the list is bananas, apples, blueberries, pears, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach and broccoli.

I am also hoping to make us some pancakes and waffles to freeze for the week. The girls are busy playing one of their Wii games (they’re pretty hilarious to watch, as the video game coordination is not quite there!), and the baby is happily crawling everywhere (oh yes, he is crawling FORWARD now and happier than ever!). I just might be able to get some things done without anyone screaming or fighting!!

Happy weekend, everyone!!



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