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Weekly Recap

It’s been an exciting week! Last Friday night, I was able to get out for some adult time with my friend Erika. She is a photographer and has her own business, Just Peachy Photography (for some reason, I can’t link the name to her site, so go to to see her stuff!). She and I are former neighbors and good friends. She has 3 boys and I have the 4 kids, so it was nice for both of us to get out WITHOUT our kids. 🙂 I am also excited to announce I will be working with her starting next month on a series about Home Organization. We put a lot of ideas down on paper (after 1.5 hours of giggling and catching up!) and are looking forward to working together to link up our blogs and share info with both our audiences.  It’ll be fun to be a guest blogger for her and give my two cents about organizing our homes! Keep an eye out the beginning of February for the start of a new series!

Besides blogging excitement, our family has had other fun this week. My brother, Tyler, was visiting for 2 days last weekend. The girls love all their aunts and uncles, and they get so excited when one (or more!) of them comes to stay for a night. I just feel bad because most of my siblings are younger and used to sleeping in….which doesn’t happen here! 🙂 But Tyler was a good sport about it.

We were also able to hang out with our friends Aaron and Amy, from church. We see usually about once a week for dinner or to hang out and watch a movie. We love seeing them and spending time with them. They are newly married (a year and a half, I believe) and do not yet have children, so it’s super easy to coordinate hanging out with them. We love seeing all of our friends, but most everyone has kids now and we all have to coordinate naps and bedtimes and illnesses! With Aaron and Amy, it’s only our kids to coordinate schedules for, so we’ve been able to see them often. And I loooove cooking for people, so it’s been really great for me to share my cooking with them (and so far, I think they’ve liked it 🙂 ).

We were supposed to go to my in-laws tonight, but with the crazy snow today, we won’t be going anywhere (except to the Redbox, where my husband is now to get movies for this evening!).

It was a really great week, and I’m very thankful for the people we have in our lives, family and friends. Looking forward to another great week next week!


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