Homeschool Checkup

I missed posting my Homeschool  Checkup yesterday. We SLEPT IN until 8:00!! It was amazing!

The downside to sleeping in is that I was then rushing to get over to church to do food pantry work. 😦 Thankfully, our Pastor was ok with me coming in 30 minutes later.

After food pantry work, I had to run over to do groceries. For those of you in the area, you know that groceries yesterday was a MUCH better idea than doing groceries today! It’s SNOWING!! I hear the roads are yucky, so I definitely didn’t want to chance that and wait until today to get food. My husband actually is running out now to get us a couple of movies for the evening. Hopefully the main roads are plowed a little.

So, this week for school we had class Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, since Arthur was off yesterday and today. We’ll finish up work tomorrow.

Iris is doing so great with reading and learning sight words. She is using the BOB books sight word books that my mom got her for Christmas. She does a great job sounding out the words she needs to sound out and a decent job of learning the sight words. Repetition is key with those, so we have some more practicing to do! Overall, though, she does well and doesn’t give up if it’s a tough word.

She is doing better in math than she was just a few weeks ago. She is improving with addition and doesn’t whine as much when it’s time to do the addition worksheets. 🙂 That’s progress! She is also doing great with counting by 5’s. She even completed a fill-in-the-blank counting by 5’s “pop quiz” on the board!

Lily is picking up on some of the math and how to use a number line for adding. She is also a little stinker when Iris is reading her books. Lily memorizes the order of the story and if Iris is stumped by a word, Lily’s already memorized it and tries to whisper it to Iris. HAHA! She cracks me up, but I hope she doesn’t try to memorize too much and learns the phonetics behind it all!

Addy is….Addy. She loves to do her work pages and color. She does a journal page now, every day, with Iris and Lily. It’s hilarious and adorable. She draws some crazy squiggle and then proceeds to tell me a three-minute story of what her picture is. 🙂

Overall, the week was great so far. We started Spanish as well. I have two sets of lessons on VHS (the Muzzy tapes, for those familiar with them) that I had received from Arthur’s Grandma. We’ve done lessons 1 through 3. The girls think they are hilarious, and we’ve been trying to review throughout the day to keep it fresh. So far, they’ve only learned greetings (Buenos dias, Hola, Como estas?, que tal?, and adios). It’s a fun new adventure that they are loving, so we’ll keep it going.

We are 14 days away from our 100th day of school! I plan to have a big fun day to celebrate, like the kids in regular school. My lovely sister, Mindy, has given me several fun pages and creative things to celebrate, so I’ll be using those and some others I found online (and post pictures and ideas here!).

Can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Homeschool Checkup

  1. oh I had completely forgotten that its near the 100th day! That will be so much fun! I always loved that day. Have fun! And it sounds like u all are right on track. Keep up the good work, Teacher! 🙂

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