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Weekly Recap

What a great week!

Besides our mini ant infestation, this week was great. We finally have snow! And, boy did we get snow! I think there is 4 inches or so on the ground right now. It’s pretty cold today, so we won’t be out playing in it, but we do have to go to the grocery store and the girls are excited to finally be able to put on snow boots and walk outside.

Now, about the ant issue…Wednesday, I went to pull a pan out of the lower cabinet for making dinner. I set it up on the stove top and noticed there were a million ants crawling inside of it! EWWWWWW. I opened up the cabinet again and noticed there were a million more of those tiny ants coming in front the back of the cabinet. I was so grossed out….and I still needed to make dinner. I had to pull all of the pans and pots out and wash them. Then, I had to spray the inside of the cabinet with ant spray…but I couldn’t find our ant spray. So, I took the Lysol spray to the ants! It worked, thankfully.

I don’t know if the ants are finding their way inside the house because it’s actually getting cold outside now or if something else is going on. But, it was so nasty. This morning, I came down to pour a cup of coffee and 3 more ants greeted me…ON THE COUNTERTOP! Yuck. Arthur pulled the stove and fridge out, so we could check behind there to see if there was food or something that had drawn the ants to that area of the kitchen but when I looked there was not a single ant behind either appliance. So, I still have no clue where they came from or how they got into that cabinet, other than through some crack in the back, but after Arthur sprayed behind both the stove and fridge, I am hoping that is the end of them. It makes me itchy to think about it. And, I feel like we’re being poisoned when we have to spray. I ran the fan over the stove to suck up the fumes and lit a candle to mask the poisonous smell. The girls have to stay out of the kitchen for the day, but it’s a small price to pay if this rids us of the unwelcome guests.

The other sad bit of news over here was that Wednesday, we came home from doing food pantry stuff at church to find a large puddle of water in the garage. I found that the upright freezer we have was “leaking”. I opened it up to find that it was completely defrosted and not running. It was still plugged in and I started to worry that it was broken (though we just bought it new last year). I pressed the Reset button on the outlet and it started up again.

So, I started to freak out that we had lost a lot of food. As I took inventory of the defrosted and now spoiled foods, I realized that I had a lot less in there than I normally do, and not a single thing in there was organic. The benefit to this? I do not have to worry about using up the last bit of conventional food, and we are now pretty much 100% organic now. 🙂 Kind of forced us into that pretty quickly! AND, the other silver lining was that everything I did have stored in that freezer was purchased at a huge discount with coupons, so the total amount I paid for everything in the freezer was probably only about $30…way less than I first thought. Retail price of it all was probably over $100, but thanks to coupons I wasn’t actually out-of-pocket that much.

And here’s another exciting piece to this story. While we were at church that morning, one of our pastors told me that we had too much food in the pantry and we needed to move it so new inventory could come in. Things were nearing their expiration dates and we had given away so much of it, but still more needed to go. He told me to go in there and take things our family would use. I hesitated because I felt like there were definitely more needy families than ours, but he insisted the foods needed to move so our delivery lady could drop off more. I packed up one grocery bag of food, but he sent me back in for 2 more bags. I received a total of 3 bags from the food pantry I had been working to help set up and maintain because the church had been blessed with more than our one room could handle! Another exciting thing? Most of the food in our food pantry is organic! We get deliveries of damaged cases from Costco and Trader Joe’s, both of whom have organic lines of food. So, I was able to get items our family would use and were organic! With money being tight (for everyone, I’m sure) lately, it was a huge blessing to be able to check some things off our of weekly grocery list.

Then, after loading up with 3 bags of free groceries and working through some feeling bad about taking free food feelings, I came home to a defrosted freezer. Only God could have known that our freezer foods were lost and put us in the situation to be offered free food from church. The freezer had turned off some time last week I assume, based on the fact that there was no ice left in it. BUT, we didn’t notice the puddle until yesterday because the rug in the garage was covering it. One of the girls must have kicked the rug over, exposing the puddle for us to see when we came home.

So, while I work hard to save money for our family and we are normally ok as far as money goes, we came into a need this week. BUT, God provided for that need before we even knew we had the need. I’m glad I accepted the food from church (and got over my “we don’t need handouts” attitude) and that the offer was there from Pastor James. Only God could have set up the timing on that! He is good…all the time. And even when we don’t know what’s about to happen, He does and He provides just what we need at just the right time.



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