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Happy New Year!

Well, after 2 weeks of silence, I am ready to be back blogging! I had a fabulous time with our families and friends for Christmas and New Years Eve, but I am glad to be back at our normal routine.

We started up school again on Tuesday. It was harder than I thought to get up at my 5:20AM time and get the day going. The girls would’ve liked more time off from school (what kid wouldn’t!?), but I think they are doing well after having the time off.

Some highlights for the end of 2011 over here:

1. Addy is potty trained!! It was so random. She wanted to try without a diaper the Monday before Christmas, and she did awesome that first day. We kept it up and she had only 1 accident all week! She was staying dry during naps and bedtime, so we tried no diaper at bed and naps the following week and she again did great. She has been in undies with no diapers at all since Wednesday, December 28! It’s so nice to only buy diapers for one now!

2. My sister is having another baby! She is pregnant with their 3rd child, due this summer! I am so happy for them. They have a boy and girl already, so it’ll be fun to see what this new baby is!

3. We got a real tree for Christmas! I think I posted about this already, but Arthur surprised us one Saturday evening by coming back from “renting a movie” with a real tree! The girls were so ecstatic about it!

4. We have completely changed our eating habits. After some research and a lot of legwork we have gone almost completely organic. I have also cut back our animal protein intake (by way of meat, mostly; we still eat dairy and a little meat) and been replacing it with plant protein. It’s been quite a change, but it’s also been fun. We are also trying to incorporate more raw foods into our diet. So, that’s been exciting because there’s not a whole lot of room for cooking, obviously, when you’re working with RAW foods. BUT, I know it’s been great for us. It’s been interesting to cut out 99% of processed foods, bake all of the bread we need for the week, and cut back meat in our meals to just 3 days a week.

5.  Our family has some exciting news for this summer. NO, it’s not another baby. 🙂 But in the next few weeks I’ll be sharing the news. I have a few more close friends to share with before I make it known online.

I am so excited for 2012. God blessed us with so much more than we could have imagined at the end of 2011; I know He will continue to provide what we need for this year and beyond.

We did share in some sadness right before Christmas. Our church’s former worship leader and his wife lost their baby at just 21 weeks gestation. There were some complications right after they found out they were having a boy (at 19 weeks) and things continued until the mother had to go into labor on December 23, knowing the baby would mostly likely not survive. I cannot imagine her pain and sense of loss. They are such a great, selfless couple; I knew they would be great parents. God’s plan isn’t always mapped out in detail for us, but this couple has continued to praise God through this time regardless of understanding God’s reasoning. There have been a lot of prayers for them over the past few weeks. If you think of it, please pray for them and other paretns like them. Holidays can be an especially tough time when you have lost a family member. God promises to be with us even in the dark times; I am so thankful we have a God Who cares!

I look forward to seeing God work this year in our lives and in the lives of those around us. I pray that my faith will increase this year and that my relationship with God will grow deeper.

Happy New Year!


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