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Simplifying Your Closet – Part 3 Completed

I said I didn’t want to drag out Part 3, but apparently I have anyhow. 😦 Sorry about that.

For my final thoughts on Part 3 – Closet Organization, I would like to just run over shelving and “mix and match.”

With regard to shelving in your closet for organizational purposes, it can be helpful or it can be hurtful.

Shelves are a really great idea for those who like to keep things super neat and tidy. Shelves require great folding and stacking skills. 🙂 If you don’t want to worry about keeping things folded and stacked well, shelves may not be your best bet. Clothing piles can look quite disorderly if things just get tossed on the shelf into a pile. If you’re looking to stay motivated, unkempt piles of clothes probably aren’t going to do the trick.

If you already have shelving units in the closet and don’t want to take them out (who would?!), try using baskets or bins or cute boxes on the shelves to contain unfolded items. I do this with belts. I don’t like to roll up belts each time we aren’t using one (that’s at least 2 belts a person – except for baby – so that’s at least 10 belts I would have to roll a couple of times a week!), so I just toss them into a fabric bin on top of our drawer units. Keeps them all contained, but I don’t have to be overly tidy with them.

Shelves can be very helpful to see exactly how many of something you have, and if you acquire too many somethings, shelves can help you realize how overwhelmed you are becoming with that item and cause you to pare down to a reasonable amount. Jeans, for example. If you fold and stack your jeans on a shelf, you will quickly notice when you have too many and need to get rid of some.

Pros to Shelving in the Closet:

1. Keeps things visible. You know exactly how many you have. Motivates to keep tidy, if you tend to be inclined to tidiness.

2. Easy to maintain – just fold and stack.

3. No boundaries, so you can lie several piles of different items on a long shelf, without having to worry about space like you do in a drawer.

Cons to Shelving:

1. Keep things visible. Shows sloppiness and probably won’t motivate to keep tidy, if not already in your nature to do so.

2. Doesn’t contain loose or small items well. (bins would help with that)

My final thought about organization is what I call “mix and match.” Most of us already have a closet configuration. We’ve spent money on shelves or drawers or dressers, and we probably don’t want to go out and buy more things to organize. If we can mix and match with what’s on hand, we might end up with something better than we had hoped.

I had drawers to contain home school supplies earlier this year. I found that the three-drawer unit matched ones in our closets for clothing and re-purposed that unit for clothing, to give us more drawer space in the closet without having to go buy another drawer unit. (I found another area to hold my school supplies.)

My laundry supplies were contained in a fabric bin in the downstairs bathroom. I found I really didn’t NEED them in a bin, since they were contained and hidden in the cabinet under our sink. So, I took that fabric bin to use as our belt bin. Again, I did not want to go pay $10 for a silly little bin to hold belts.

We go through a lot of diapers, and I saved a diaper box to hold all of our slippers. Sure, it’s not cute and solid colored, BUT it was free (minus the cost of the diapers!) and is sturdy. Plus, I don’t have to worry about the kids wearing it down and wasting money. I’ll just hang on to another diaper box when this one gets too worn!

Be creative when it comes to organization. Unless your closet is going to be featured in a magazine, there’s really no need to go out and buy a bunch of pricey containers or drawers to hold everything. Use what you have. Keep things sorted and tidy. Nothing is more of an energy drainer than a messy area in your home. Putting clothes away after doing laundry won’t seem as much of a chore if you have a specific place to put the clean clothes – a place you purposely created and planned out and organized. If you work to get it organized, you will probably feel more motivated to keep it that way!


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