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Plans for the Week

I am working to get back on track with regular posting. I apologize it’s been so unorganized and irregular.

We went to visit my family last Thursday and Friday. Such a nice time! It always is. πŸ™‚ We were able to celebrate my brother’s birthday and see my newest niece, Charlotte (cutie!!), as well as see a new baby cousin, Keleyah (another cutie!). It was really great to visit with the babies and their moms. Plus, the girls were able to visit at my younger sisters’ school and have lunch with them and 2 of our cousins, who also attend there. It seemed a little busy while we were there, but it was still so nice to have a break from our Go, Go, Go here.

This week I am working on several things, so it’ll be a busy week but a fun week as well!

Here are my plans:

1. 5 FULL days of school (we are still working on our 8 days of praying for different missionaries, as we missed Thursday and Friday last week…so this is in addition to the other subjects we have planned)

2. Get to the library for new books and return the read ones.

3. Continue my morning reading of Lies Women Believe And The Truth That Sets Them Free. (I am REALLY enjoying this book. I haven’t gotten very far in it because there is so much to think about with practically every sentence, so I am taking my time reading and absorbing.)

4. Make bread for the week (This is actually almost done. The oven has about 10 more minutes and then we’ll have 2 loaves of white bread for this week. This is my third straight week making all the bread we need each week. I like doing it…a lot!)

5. Make it to church commitments (AWANA, Small Group, Food Pantry).

6. Shop for our church’s toy drive and food drive with monies donated. (It has been so exciting to see the great amount of generosity for those who are in need.)

7. Finish The Wind in the Willows with the kids.

8. Make 2 batches (30) of cinnamon rolls for my Grandma’s Christmas breakfast this weekend.

9. Start my homemade Christmas gifts (breads, candies, etc) for church and family. πŸ™‚ My favorite thing on this list!


One thought on “Plans for the Week

  1. Glad you found a book to read! That is a good one…I’m still going through it with another lady and yes, there is a lot to absorb. I’ve heard there’s also a study guide book to go with it, too, but I’ve never gotten the study guide. Sounds like a busy week, but I hope you’re able to finish everything. Have fun! Less than 2 weeks until we get to see you! πŸ™‚

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