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Simplifying Your Closet – Part 3 continued…

I explained about having a family closet, but I realize that may not be the best fit for all families.

In this post, I wanted to go over a few simple ideas for organizing your closet space, with or without a family closet in mind.

1. Using dressers in the closet.

I am not a fan of having a lot of furniture in the bedroom. That’s just me. When I was little, my sisters and I had 2 dressers in our room and our closet all to hold clothes. There were 3 of us in one room at the time, so we needed several places for clothing. As an adult, though, I like to keep ALL clothing in the closet. A dresser just means (to me) more to dust, more to keep things from piling up on, and more things for my little ones to get their hands into. 🙂

One way to have the benefit of a dresser, without having to keep it out, is to put a dresser in the closet. We put a dresser in the kids’ closet (before the family closet idea), so that they couldn’t get into it and pull out every piece of clothing, which I knew they’d do if the temptation was sitting there in the room. I was still able to contain all their clothes in an organized way, but I didn’t have to worry about them pinching fingers or making a mess or having to clean the top of it all the time.

We kept that dresser and moved it into our family closet. It now holds most of my and my husband’s things.

2. Using plastic bins, baskets and drawers.

Besides a large dresser in the closet, another good idea for storage and organization are plastic drawers. In our family closet, we have several different types of plastic drawers. Most are the brand Sterilite. I like to have the 3-drawer carts for the kid clothes. I can see through the front and it’s small enough that my collection of clothing doesn’t get carried away!

We also have some larger and wider clear/see-through drawers. Having the clear drawers is great because I can see what’s in the drawer, but it also means I have to keep them organized so it doesn’t look messy or cluttered.

Plastic drawers are pretty low maintenance. I don’t have to worry about them getting scratched as I would a dresser. And they wipe off easily when it comes to dust or dirt or whatever.

Baskets and bins are another great option for keeping things together. Things don’t have to be as organized inside of them; you can just toss in socks or belts or other smaller items, without having to make sure they are orderly.

I have a basket with dividers inside for all of our belts. I just roll up the belt and toss it in the basket. I also have a basket that holds extra diapers, as well as a box/basket that holds slippers. All of those items I don’t want to spend time keeping neat and orderly, but they all stay together as long as I just toss them in the bin they belong in.


I apologize if this post seemed lacking. I had less to say about these 2 items than I thought. And, we rushing around this morning. This post is 5 days late, and we are heading out to a special day of a movie and seeing Santa.

If you have any other thoughts about these ideas for organizing, please feel free to share!!


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