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Plans for the Week

I am toning down the number of things I want to accomplish each week. Important things get pushed further down the list because I’m overwhelmed with so many items on each list, that I dread doing some of the big and important ones.

Here are my tasks/items to accomplish this week:

-3 FULL days of school (Thurs and Fri are Arthur’s off days, so we’ll be in Indiana to see family!)

-Make bread for the week

-Make homemade chocolate granola (super excited to try this recipe! will post if turns out good!)

-Shop for more variety of organic items

-Save $10 towards a new Costco membership (for bulk organic staples)

-Have quiet time each morning (which means getting up on time!…been lazy the past few mornings and hitting snooze)

-Read 30 minutes to kids, outside of normal reading for school

-Finish one of the organic food books I have from library and start the second one.

That’s it for this week. I’m excited to go see my family…it’s been way too long! And I’m liking the idea of making bread each week. I will stop buying store bread for now.

I am reading all that I can about going organic for foods. I assume after I completely switch over, I’ll start wanting to switch over for our bath products and whatnot. One product group at a time, for now, though!

We thoroughly enjoyed our Organic Ground Beef and Organic Whole Fryer Chicken last week. Very yummy!

The kids and I visited Trader Joe’s on Friday, and we picked up a Gingerbread Man to decorate this week. I also grabbed some organic sugar (which I’m LOVING!) and some yummy fruit leather and Clif kid bars. Great trip to check it out. I also found out I can get a gallon of organic milk there for $5.99, instead of shelling out $4 for a half-gallon of Horizon milk at Wal-Mart. Go figure! Wal-Mart is NOT cheaper in this instance. šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Plans for the Week

  1. You think it’s been too long since YOU’VE seen family!?! Try not seeing them since October and before that it was June. Ugh! Wishing we lived closer. But just 2 weeks from Friday and we’ll be there! Can’t wait! Have fun and I hope you get all the things crossed off of your list this week. šŸ™‚

  2. We haven’t seen them since I went to Kelley’s shower in August! It’s been a LOOOONG time…for them only being an hour away! Just so busy! I wish you lived closer, too. šŸ˜¦ See you in a couple weeks, though! So excited!!

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