Homeschool Checkup

I feel like I start every post with how busy we are around here! BUT, this week was another busy one.

Monday, 2 of the girls had high fevers and were just miserable, so we didn’t do any schoolwork. I held Addy most of the day because she couldn’t get comfortable, my poor baby.

Tuesday we did light work in the morning. I made it a lazy and relaxed school day by having us sit in the living room. Addy and Lily still had fevers, so we all sat/laid on the floor while Iris did work. We got through most everything I had planned, so that was good.

Yesterday, the girls STILL had fevers, and I had a million things to do, including groceries and some Christmas online gifts to pick up at stores. Arthur stayed home from work to watch the kids so I could get everything done! He watched movies with them and helped them get comfortable; their fevers finally started going down yesterday afternoon. I was able to finish groceries and gift pickups. Arthur did some workbook pages with Iris for writing and math, but I didn’t do any formal class…again. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

TODAY, FINALLY! I was able to do a full morning of school with the girls. Addy did some coloring and tracing pages, which she loved! Lily worked on letter tracing/writing, as well as shapes and letter sounds. She does so well with letter sounds (beginning word sounds and vowel sounds). Iris did her regular lessons; this week we’re learning about goats. I have 2 books from the library – one isย  a Puerto Rican folk tale about a goat, and the other is a true story about a goat and a girl named Beatrice in Uganda. I picked the first book because my mother-in-law is Puerto Rican, and I knew Iris would be very excited to hear a Puerto Rican story (and she was!). The Ugandan story was picked because the girls know our friends Uncle Deke and Auntie Kathryn have adopted two Ugandan children, who our girls LOVE. I thought it’d be good to tie in books that have relation to people we know. The girls really like reading about places and people who have meaning to them.

Iris is also studying a little about Peru and missionary work there. A boy I went to K-4 was a child of missionaries to Peru. I recently got in contact with the wife to let her know Iris was learning about and praying for them. She has answered several questions so far about life in Peru and their work there sharing about Jesus! ๐Ÿ™‚ Iris is loving it. Tomorrow, I will be getting books about Peru, so we can see some photos and read more about the foods and people of Peru. I think I might be slightly more excited than Iris. ๐Ÿ™‚

I became pretty frustrated with Iris today over math work. She was counting by 5’s. This is only the second day we’ve worked on this, but I felt like she was giving up too soon and just waiting for me to give her the answer. Well, I took that as quitting, and I blew up at her about needing to work hard and stop waiting for someone to give her the answer. It caught her off guard and she started crying. I felt bad afterward, and I knew I had expected too much out of her for something we’ve only worked on twice. Lily just sat and stared at me, like she couldn’t believe I was making a life lesson out of counting by 5’s….and I probably DID sound ridiculous.

Ugh. What a way to end the school day….with a big mean mom making a big deal out of something small! I wanted to get through one more math lesson today, but I figured that was a good place to stop…to spare us all more craziness from me!

Tomorrow is library day. That should be a bit more relaxed, and the girls will get to use the computers for learning games and some alone time without me barking commands at them. ๐Ÿ™‚


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