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Menu Plan Delay and A Few Food Thoughts…

I have not yet begun my grocery list or coupon matching, let alone been to the store. Soooo, I cannot give a menu plan at this time.

On a totally unrelated note, my baby is lying here next to me on his tummy and just lifted up on his hands and crawled backward for the first time! Totally caught me off guard! So exciting!! πŸ™‚

With the girls’ fevers, we haven’t gotten much done this week so far. I got some schooling done with Iris this morning…on the living room floor. It was very informal and not like our normal routine, but it was nice because I’m so tired and I know the kids are so tired, too!

I watched the documentary Food Inc yesterday. WOW! Today, I’m watching The Future of Food. This stuff is very scary! I had no idea our food was so incredibly bad. I plan to make some changes in my shopping and our diet, but I just want to do it a little at a time so I don’t burn out. A friend of mine has given me some great pointers (she is a Nutrition Coach and is very knowledgeable in this whole thing) about how to start changing what we eat. I am seriously blown away by what I’ve seen. I know the people who make these documentaries want to present all the info in their favor, but it is incredible the shadiness of the big companies and the crazy changes to farming and simple seed handling.

I will definitely have a post as to what I plan to change and from where I plan to buy. I am working on a game plan today and tomorrow (even though there are a million things going on right now…could there be a worse time to change our entire food purchasing habits?!). πŸ™‚

Some things I’ve been thinking about since watching these documentaries and reading several articles online:

1. How in the world could our country have gotten so far from the REAL farming that we had in the beginning of the last century? (obviously this answer has a lot to do with greed and money!)

2. I need to find a good, local meat supplier. I found a couple within a decent distance (an hour’s drive) that have grass-fed meat, free-range chickens, and organic other things.

3. I did not even know what exactly a GMO was until yesterday. And I almost feel ashamed. These mass-produced basic fruits and veggies are not really FOOD anymore once their cells are altered!

4. I am amazed at the amount of chemicals are in our farmed foods! These “Round Up Ready” seeds/foods are grown for sale and used to feed the animals they want fatter sooner for more meat for sale! IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY!

5. Eating organic is expensive, from what I know. One of the movies said, the more money you have the healthier you can eat. I am looking to see HOW we can eat as healthy (meaning organic, non-gmo, grass-fed, free range, etc) as possible without increasing our food budget each month. There’s got to be a way! And I imagine that means I will have to work more in the kitchen to make more or everything from scratch, using organic basics. This will require more planning, of course. After seeing a mom in Food Inc talk about her 2-year-old dying from a tainted hamburger from Jack in the Box a few years ago, I am scared for my kids. That kid was just eating a burger from what they thought was a safe place. He ended up getting violently ill and was in the hospital for 12 days before dying because his body just shut down from the hemorrhagic E.Coli he had gotten. So scary!

Ok, I’m off to do more work on this. Some of you have given me some info on Facebook, which I appreciate greatly, but if anyone else has any tips or helpful info or blogs for me to look at on going organic on a budget, I would be grateful for the support!


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