Plans for the Week

What a week! We had a great Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws. The girls stayed up late several nights since last Wednesday and we are paying for it now!

This morning, Addy and Lily woke up with fevers. 😦 They are so uncomfortable, shivering and crying because they want to cover up….but I just can’t let them. Addy’s got up to 103.8 degrees around noon, but it’s hovering at 102.7 now. She has been sleeping most of the day, even lying down in the middle of the room to rest and fall asleep. Lily is lying here trying to go back to sleep, but she is shivering so bad because of the cool wash cloth on her head. Poor babies!! No other symptoms besides fevers, so I don’t know what exactly we’re fighting.

Saturday night, we all went to a party for my brother-in-law’s 30th birthday. The girls had sooo much fun. They were the only kids there, and I worried they would get bored BUT it was quite the opposite. They LOVED all the attention from the adults, especially the ones that sat down on the floor to color with them. 🙂 They got to see Dad play with the band, and Iris was dancing her butt off… usual!

Yesterday was a nice relaxing day, but Arthur had to work. The kids and I went to church and then lounged with naps and just hanging out. Arthur got home early, thankfully, and we had dinner together.

My plans for this week were thought up before the fevers came on, so we will see what all we can get done. We missed school today because I found it nearly impossible to tend to a crying baby and 2 1/2-year-old, an uncomfortable and demanding 4-year-old and then try to teach a 5-year-old. So, this is going to be a tough week…I just know it.


– 5 days of school done in 3 days. Yikes!

– Pick up gifts shipped to stores: Sears, Toys R Us, American Eagle. And exchange a gift at Old Navy. (All in the same area, thankfully, but not looking forward to loading and unloading all the kids)

– Artie’s 6 month checkup

– Big grocery trip

– Food Pantry at church

– We are skipping AWANA tonight to keep everyone away from more germs for now. 😦

– Unsure about going to Small Group tomorrow. Waiting to see how the night goes.

– Shred papers. (this is carried on from last week…I didn’t even get started!)

– Pick up library books on hold before they re-shelve them!!

– Start my devotional book from the library.

Whew! This is going to be a crazy week. Praying for patience and strength to get it all done….or at least the important things (which, of course, is all the items for me. HA!). 🙂


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