Favorite Grocery Deal

I took the kids to do groceries yesterday because I just KNEW it’d be packed in the stores today and tomorrow, with all the last-minute food buying. Yesterday was no exception…packed!

Thankfully, the kids were well-behaved. Iris had her moments of singing way too loud through the aisles, but I’ll take that over teasing her sisters. 🙂

We only went to Meijer; I had no desire (after seeing how busy Meijer was) to try another store for just a couple of deals. I’ve noticed I have stopped my crazy deal chasing, and I tend to just go to 2 stores for staples and whatever great deals are there. Meijer had the best deals for us this week.  I have been trying to buy a lot more fresh items and basic staples, so I can make more from scratch.

There was Kraft Deluxe Dinners on sale at Meijer for $1.79. I had 2 coupons to take off $1.50 in coupons, so we got a box for $.29. I haven’t purchased boxed macaroni and cheese in soooo long. The girls were ecstatic! They were so excited to have this “treat” with dinner. I didn’t bother to tell them every other kid in America has this much more often. 🙂

Besides that $.29 box of mac ‘n cheese, I found a few other great deals:

– Baker’s Baking Bar…$2.29. Had $1.50 in coupons, got it for $.59!

– I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter…$2.00. Bought 2 ($4), used two $1.50 coupons and one $.50-off-2 coupons. Paid $.50 for two 15 oz tubs/sticks!

– Capri-Sun…$2.00. Used $1.00 coupon, paid $1.00!

– Stove Top Stuffing…$.99. Bought 4 boxes, got 1 free. Used $1.00-off-3 coupon and received a $1.50 CAT back at the register. So, $1.46 for 5 boxes is $.29 a box! (We looooove Stove Top. I know…it’s a boxed food, but it’s so fast and yummy. Probably because it’s loaded with sodium. 🙂 )

– Kraft Salad Dressing…$1.67. Used $1.00 coupon to get them for $.67!

– Maxwell House Coffee (34.5 oz!)…$7.99. Bought 2 and used two $1.00 coupons and received a $4 CAT at checkout! That’s 2 of the BIG canisters for only $9.98 after coupons and the CAT! (Coffee is getting to be quite expensive…)

– Butter was on sale for $2.39!We used a TON of unsalted butter in our baking, so it was nice to see it down from the normal $2.99 for 1 pound.

– Sweet potatoes were $.25/lb. I know they’ll get lower, but it was nice to see them low now because my baby is starting foods, and sweet potatoes is one I like to have them try early on. (He did GREAT with oatmeal cereal, and yesterday he tried banana puree for the first time! I am doing all homemade baby food this time, if I can help it. CHEAPER!)

So, that was more than one deal, obviously. 🙂 But, that was the reason we went to Meijer. Good luck to all of you that are braving the crowds today and tomorrow at the grocery stores!

AND, a big GOOD LUCK to those of you shopping on Friday! I’m not going this year. 😦 I’m a little sad to miss the deals, but I’ll be much happier sitting at home watching movies with the family. Although, it might be just as loud here as it is at the stores!


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