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Plans for the Week

Last week was productive but very busy. We didn’t make it to Small Group; Arthur’s continuing education class ended up getting out later than he thought, so we would’ve been an hour late to Small Group. 😦

Two friends/family members passed away, so it was definitely an emotional week.

Now, this week is THANKSGIVING! Where has the time gone?! I can’t believe we’re a month out from Christmas! I started some shopping online Friday, and I am happy to have gotten some great deals and free shipping.

Here are my expectations for the week:

-Make it to church commitments (AWANA, Small Group, Food Pantry work).

-Make the rolls and desserts for Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws.

-3 Thanksgiving projects with the girls

-Shred 2 bags of financial papers that have been sitting, waiting to be shredded. (Didn’t get started on this last week….just got the shredder put together.)

-Get my daily To Do’s done.

And that’s it. I know it’ll be a busy Thursday, and we’re having a lazy day Friday, so I want to be careful not to cram too much into Monday through Wednesday.



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