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Weekly Recap

The three younger kids, goofing off, while Iris and Dad are at AWANA. Addy cracks me up with her silly faces. 🙂

Addy loves Buddy

Addy’s November booklet work 🙂

Dance break during school!

Super cool dance moves

Glass jars. LOVE them for food storage in the pantry. Thanks to my neighbor, Rebekah, for giving me a bunch!

This week seemed like we were getting back to our “normal” routine. School went well, I set aside time each day to blog and got my posts up when I wanted, all the household chores are done.

Last night we ALMOST slipped and spent money on a fast food dinner. We were going to a visitation for our friend’s father, and I was going to be packing the kids in the car around dinner time to take to my in-laws’ house. I decided to make dinner early, though, and pack it up to take over there. So glad I did! Saved us at least $10 on McDonald’s nuggets! Yes, it was only $10 but it adds up after more than one trip.

The girls had Spaghetti-O’s for the first time this week. I don’t every buy them, but I got 4 cans for very cheap last week. I made a can for them this week. They were ecstatic! I cannot stand the smell or taste of them, but they loved them! Iris said, “Mom, what is this new food?!” I laughed. 🙂

I feel like I haven’t seen Arthur all week. Monday night he was at AWANA. Tuesday night he got home late from a continuing education seminar. Wednesday night he was at a dinner for work. Last night, we were at a visitation (not complaining about this – that is definitely where we wanted to be last night…with friends). I am hoping tonight we can actually sit down and catch up! 🙂 Tomorrow afternoon and evening he will be gone, and then Sunday is church and football. 🙂

Well, time to get moving this morning. School in 30 minutes, then off to the library! AND, I still have to mail my nephew’s 1st Birthday present…it’s already almost a month late! Sheesh!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. ahhh…don’t feel too bad about mailing caleb’s gift so late. I still have lily’s gift in the gift bag in my room. I figure, I’ll just give it to her at christmas but I’m hoping you come down to visit before then. 🙂

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