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Link to an HP Giveaway!

Sarah over at Clover Lane is hosting an HP Giveaway! Go HERE to read all about the HP TouchSmart 320 PC and enter her giveaway!

I love reading her blog. She is a matter-of-fact mom of five, who has a great way of capturing my attention with her well-written posts about everything

Winning that computer would be amazing! The kids and I work off of my netbook for anything related to school. Arthur has his iPad, but he either takes it to work with him or that screen is still too small for us all to crowd around. (Plus, I’m not a huge fan of Apple computers because of all the Adobe flash-compatibility issues and that they don’t work with a lot of programs we use! I know, I’m probably the ONLY person in the world that doesn’t like Apple.) My netbook has a 10 inch screen, and his iPad has a small screen. The HP TouchSmart screen is HUGE and (as its name implies) is a touch-screen! The girls would absolutely LOVE being able to all stand around the same screen, be able to see whatever video or school game that’s on, AND be able to touch the screen without me yelling “this is not the iPad! stop poking the screen!!” as I do with the netbook. 🙂

Go! Enter now! The contest ends December 16th! Good luck!!


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