Homeschool Checkup

School’s going well this week. We’re talking about Thanksgiving and doing lots of turkey things. 🙂 Next week, Tuesday, we will be going over the very first Thanksgiving and doing “I am thankful for…” papers.

We are also learning about our ants this week, and insects in general. Our phrase to memorize this week is “I am a wise child, so I work hard.” And our verse is Proverbs 10: 4 – “Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth.” On Monday, Iris said it as “Lazy hands make a man poor but delicate hands bring welts.” 🙂

The girls and I talked about why we should work hard (like ants), and we went over the Little Red Hen story. They talked about how lazy the other animals were, but when I asked them about working hard around the house so we can enjoy our hard work, they weren’t so on board. Iris said, “We have you, Mom, for the cooking and cleaning. So, we don’t have much to do.” Hmmm….guess we’ll need to increase the number of chores for her! Haha!

Today we are working on November booklets, courtesy of my sister Mindy. She was a Kindergarten teacher and gave me a TON of fun projects for each month, so making a booklet for each month with pictures of things related to that month is one of our projects this week. Thanks, Mindy!!

Tomorrow is library day, so we’ll just do our Bible lesson then head over the library. I’m so hard on the girls about getting their books returned on time….then I forgot my 3 sewing books for 2 days after they were due. I now owe $1.20! I remember when the fines were $.05 a day! Now they are $.20 a book each day! Robbery, I say! Perhaps I should just work on practicing what I preach and get my books back on time (or at least renew them online so they aren’t late!). I haven’t told the girls mine were late….I can’t be too vulnerable!

Looking forward to just one day of class next week. Doing some work and fun stuff Monday, then Tuesday we’re going to make some fun Thanksgiving gifts for my mother-in-law since she’s hosting Thanksgiving. Maybe some place settings for us all or paint a jar to make it a vase or something. We’ll see.



One thought on “Homeschool Checkup

  1. Glad you’re enjoying the little booklets! Also, I recently found out that our library has “grace” Wednesday….if you return your overdue books on a Wednesday, they won’t charge you the late fee. 🙂 Cool, huh? I thought so.

    Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving! Only a few weeks until we’ll get to see you for Christmas! Yay! 🙂

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