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Free Online Family Calendar

I know most moms have a paper calendar or planner they carry with them EVERYWHERE. But, I also like to have a digital copy for when I’m on the computer and don’t want to run and get my paper planner.

I really like Cozi’s Family Calendar. You can import/export with other online calendars. I have it synced with my Google calendar that I had started to use for this blog. I have both of them together on the Cozi site, so I can see blog schedules and family schedules all in one place. Cozi also has To Do lists, Grocery lists, tips and tricks to use their site, and even ideas for lunches for kids! They have a lot to offer on that one site; it’s more than just a family calendar.Oh, and the best part is that it’s FREE!!

I am not getting paid to post about this calendar/site. I just really like it and was thinking I should share something I found really helpful with keeping everyone’s schedules straight. Between Arthur’s work schedule that changes, church activities, play dates, doctor/dentist appointments and everything else that pops up…it can be hard to keep them organized.

Do you have a digital planner that you really LOVE? Please feel free to share!


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