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Marathon Madness

My husband ran the Chicago Marathon on Sunday; this was his 3rd marathon. He did an excellent job, clocking a 3:12:30 marathon!

The kids and I have been at each marathon, but I did find that taking four kids to an extremely crowded race is just not going to work anymore. The first two marathons, we had three kids. I used our double stroller and a single stroller to cart all 3 of them around with my mother-in-law’s help. This year, my oldest had to walk and the three younger ones rode in strollers. It was a bit much! The number of spectators seemed to have multiplied from the previous years, and it became sooo draining to keep track of the strollers and the one child walking and make sure we got to certain mile markers on time. I missed my husband at both spots we went to because we were late getting to the first one and we had potty emergencies at the second spot. Thankfully, though, he got to see his mom and 2 of the kids at the second spot. I was running around the city with 2 of the kids looking for a public restroom. (We ended up stopping at a fire station to use their restroom! After I knew we missed seeing my husband, I decided to take some photos with the 2 kids and the fire engines. Didn’t want to waste the visit!) ๐Ÿ™‚

We decided that next year, we will see about the kids staying with maybe my family, so we can go and watch without worrying about all the people around us and the strollers. Regardless, though, it was a good time and I am super proud of my husband and father-in-law for their accomplishment!

We got home yesterday from our weekend in the city and because it was a busy weekend, I decided not to do school yesterday (plus it was Columbus Day and most other kids were out of school). Today and tomorrow would normally be school days and my husband is off Thursday and Friday (which means no school on those days); with only 2 actual days of school to be had this week, I decided to extend our little break and just start-up next Monday with a full week. With all the running around and catching up on laundry and trying to make up for missed days this week, I feel like we’d get really burnt out unless we took a breather.

So, today we did groceries and I’m working on laundry. In a bit, I’m going to work on reorganizing my freezers. They have gotten a little chaotic with all my frozen foods and homemade applesauce. I’m going to organize and take inventory. Then, I hope to get at least 5 pounds of apples made into applesauce. There’s a great sale again this week on apples – 59 cents a pound for Golden Delicious. I’m going to hit that up tomorrow for another 10 pounds and hopefully finish up turning all 20 pounds of apples I’ll have into applesauce. We’ll see, though. ๐Ÿ™‚ Things tend to pop up unexpectedly more often than not lately, so at least my PLAN is to get the sauce made. LOL!

Don’t forget to read about my giveaway below. I didn’t do a great job of publicizing it or giving incentive to invite friends to like me on Facebook or subscribe to my blog. I’m still learning. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have another giveaway for next week…and it’s not for a coupon. It’s a full-sized product! Details later.


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