lessons in love

Writing In the Sky

Wouldn’t it be great if God would answer us by writing in the sky? 🙂 I was thinking about this today as I wondered how to know if a certain decision we need to make is God’s will or not.

Sometimes, I really think it’d be great if God would just write the answer or direction in the clouds, and we could simply gaze up into them after we finished praying to find out.

BUT, I believe God’s will is made clear to us if we are praying for His will and not just for our own. And, I think many times I feel like I don’t know the answer because it’s not the answer I wanted, so I’m ignoring it.

I heard a story the other day about a woman asking her daughter if she believes God answers prayer. The daughter answered, “Of course I do.” The mother went on to say she didn’t feel like God had answered her prayer for a certain thing (a monetary one) because she had not received it yet. The daughter said, “I think you have your answer, Mom. It’s ‘NO’.” She went on to talk with her mom about just because we ask for something does NOT mean we will get it. The mother didn’t NEED the monetary gain, but she wanted it and felt God wasn’t answering because she had not received it.

Rather than just pray for things I want, I really try to pray for God’s will and for my acceptance of His will. I have such a hard time seeing the obvious at times, and I have to constantly be praying for God to help me be aware of it. AND, I have to do my part and actually SEE what’s there….not just sit and wait for a message in the clouds.


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