My New Love….Meijer

I have been really impressed with Meijer lately. In addition to the amazing $1.50 off produce coupons, I received a CAT for $20 off my next grocery or gas purchase, if I transferred a prescription to the Meijer pharmacy!

I switched a prescription over there this week and cashed in on that $20 off coupon. I paid only $25 out of pocket for this week’s groceries!! So happy about that!

AND, when the pharmacy cashier scanned my coupon to get the $20 off coupon, another CAT printed out with it for $10 off a grocery/gas purchase if I refill my prescription at Meijer! OH YEAH!

Let me say this….I really miss shopping at a few stores each week to get the super cheap deals and even the freebies. BUT, with 4 kids in tow, it can be very difficult to gather enough energy just to go to ONE store. So, after a lot of self-talk, I decided that the only way to keep my insanity is to just go to Meijer for all my purchases each week (for now, anyway). I still get good coupon deals and some freebies, but I do miss all the really good ones at Jewel and CVS and everywhere else. 😦

After all my sadness and separation anxiety over the other stores, I am pleasantly surprised at my happiness with Meijer the past few weeks/months. 🙂


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