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Church Ministry…and kids

So here’s a question: How do you moms do it? How do you balance family, home school, housework and church activities?

Our church has been involved in a ministry to an apartment complex in town here. One of the newer ministries to them is a food pantry, but most of it is fresh food. The Assistant Pastor gets calls from businesses or individuals that have foods from grocery stores or restaurants that are expiring or an overstock and they bring it to our church. We then deliver it to the common area of this apartment complex for folks to come take what they need. I think it’s an awesome outreach to our immediate community!

I am loving that I have my kids with me, so they can see how being involved and helping others is a great thing, BUT my dilemma is this: My oldest is 5, my youngest is almost 3 months. And there are 2 in between those ages. They don’t QUITE get the helping aspect. They mostly just want to run around and find something to do or other kids to play with. This wouldn’t be a bad thing except that there is a ton of food to move around and lots of people who want to browse the foods. I feel like my kids are in the way.

I want to be involved, and I really think God has put this food pantry on my heart way before I knew our church was doing this or starting it up. So, I know I should be involved with it. I just don’t know about the kids. I feel like I spend more time correcting them or stopping arguments between them than I actually spend on interacting with other people.

Do I look for a babysitter for at least the 3 older ones? That’s money we don’t have. Plus, this food delivery thing is 2 days a week, and it could turn into more. And the times are really set, so calling someone up last-minute to watch 3 girls for who knows how long seems a bit inconsiderate, right?

Do I only volunteer to help out on one day? That leaves our Pastor with the challenge of finding other people in the middle of a weekday to help move food that will go bad if not distributed quickly. ??? I really am stumped. Should I just do as I have been – help out and bring the kids? I suppose my girls would be a good way to talk to other kids (and then their parents) about AWANA or our kids Sunday School classes. I just don’t want them to seem in the way.

I tend to over think things, so I might be doing that as well. I just want to be able to do a lot without seeming like I’m a burden.

If anyone has any advice, that would be awesome. My husband thinks maybe I’m wanting to do more than I can handle, but I KNOW God put this on my heart for a reason. I’m still praying about the right situation or way to handle the girls and still be able to be helpful in this ministry.


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