Creation Week Completed!

Today was our final day of Creation Week. We learned about Day 7, when God rested. The girls had several questions about God sleeping or vacationing or taking a break. Iris asked what the bad guys did if God took a break for a day. 🙂 I explained at that time there were no bad guys. She couldn’t believe it!

Lily Scissorhands

Lily cut out today’s Creation number. Iris did numbers 1 through 6, but Lily requested today’s number. I’m still working with her on holding the scissors properly, but she IS still just 3….so I’ll let it slide for now. 🙂

Today was a short lesson day (I mean, how much can I really go on about God resting?), and it just so happened that Math and Phonics were also review days. Soooo, I wrapped up the day early and we went to the library. We found 4 books to read together about Illinois, and I found books for our new Bible study topic, the SUN.

As we wrap up our 7th day of school, I am still LOVING this new role of teacher. It is so fun and fulfilling. The girls are great, and even though we still have (and probably will always have) our moments of someone getting in trouble :), I am still certain this was the right choice for us.

Here are a few more pictures from this morning:

Iris drawing her perception of "God rested."
Addy lines up all her crayons.
Artie enjoys some free time on the floor while the girls learn.




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