Official Start to School

We started school today!

The girls were asking about it and wanting “school” work, so I decided we could just start today. It’s not like we needed anyone’s permission or were NEEDing to wait until the end of the month. And most of our appointments and out-of-town trips are over with, so we have the time.

It turned out to be the perfect day to start. My husband wasn’t leaving for work until 10:00, so he was able to keep the two little ones occupied most of the time for me.

Iris was super excited at the beginning, but the excitement was wearing off by the time we were finishing up. Lily just came and went as she pleased (unless she was overly whiny, then I had her leave the table so Iris and I could focus); I am trying not to push too much with her. She can be very moody, and (if forced) she completely shuts down to any ideas. If I keep it informal for her, I think that’ll benefit us all for the year.

Addy just worked on her busy bag/box stuff and played in her room. She was a little interested in what we were doing now and then, but for the most part she stayed away. She did love to shout out answers when we started our “My Illinois” book. Addy just kept yelling “Illinois!” as the answer to every question I asked. πŸ™‚ It was entertaining.

We started the school work at 8:00 AM, which gave us a good amount of time for our regular morning routine – I get up, shower, read my Bible, check emails, make breakfast, feed everyone, clean up, nurse Artie; the girls get up and get dressed, make beds, eat, brush teeth, and then have a little free time. Since my husband is up before the crack of dawn to run, it helps me get up at 5:30 and get going. If he didn’t get up, I doubt I’d be as quick to get out of bed!

The first thing we did today was pray for our school day. I want to make sure we do this every day. I am reminded constantly of how little I can do without committing it to God first. I notice my days go so much more smoothly if I pray first. This isn’t to say I don’t have difficulties or everything is perfect; I just have a better time handling the obstacles if I know I’ve given my day to God already and am trusting Him to see me through it. (But, I should make it known I have a bad habit of NOT praying before I begin my day…these are my not-pretty-at-all days.)

After prayer, we went over the day and date, days of the week, counting to 20, adding 1 straw to our “Counting to 100”Β  pocket, today’s weather, and wrote/drew a journal page. Yesterday they did a journal page about their favorite summer thing. Iris drew herself swimming. Lily drew a rainbow.Β  Today’s journal page was about their first day of school. Iris drew me…as a fish (glasses and all!). Lily drew me too…as an ant. Apparently it’s no fun to just draw me as is! Iris wrote “mom” at the bottom.

Once we finished up our dailies (that’s what I’ve named all those in the paragraph above), we started our Bible lesson. Today was Creation day #1. We read some verses in Genesis 1, cut out a number one to represent the lesson, and started a Creation book. The memory verse for this week seems long, but hopefully we can learn it. Psalm 24:1 – “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it; the world, and all who live in it.” Maybe I’m underestimating their memory skills.

After Bible, we worked on Phonics/Handwriting/Reading. I lumped all of them together because they are similar (meaning, one requires another). We went over the letter I. Of course, this was easy, because of Iris’ name. πŸ™‚ She practiced writing uppercase and lowercase Ii. I wrote on the dry erase board all the words we could think of that start with I. Then we went over the long and short sounds it has.

The next subject was Math. We went over number recognition, writing the number 1, finding things around us that there was only 1 of (our nose, a lightbulb, belly button, etc). We also worked on identifying colors and top/bottom/middle and left/right.

Next, we worked on Social Studies. This is my curriculum (no book!) that will change monthly. The theme that was going to be for September (but is now for August, since we started early) is Illinois. We are making – one page at a time – a book about Illinois. Today we learned the name of our country, our state, our county, and our town. We also learned the state capital and cities in Illinois that we have relatives in. I went over the surrounding states and who we knew there (Grandpa and Grandma, Aunt Mindy, and others). I asked about who we knew in Iowa, and Iris yelled out “old people!” Hmmm….we’ll have to work on that one. πŸ™‚

I had plans for Iris to do a Learning Center type of project while I fixed lunch, but she was getting tired and really wanted to get down and play, so I skipped the extra project and they played while I nursed the baby and made lunch.

Overall, it was a great day! I don’t assume every day will feel as great, but starting in prayer I KNOW really helped my attitude toward their difficult attitude.


2 thoughts on “Official Start to School

  1. so I guess we’re the “old people” in Iowa now! πŸ™‚ sounds like a great first day of school. I hope you took pictures…or will take some later today since it is her first day of kindergarten and all. Glad to hear it went so well. You give me hope for the future if we decide to homeschool. πŸ™‚

    1. Sorry about being old. πŸ™‚ I forgot to take pictures! I will have to set up our “schoolroom” again just to take some pictures. LOL. Thanks for the reminder! And, if I can homeschool, you DEFINITELY can! Love ya!

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