Crazy Train, Now Boarding

What a crazy past few days!

I had periodontal surgery on Friday, making for a loooong weekend thus far. I can’t hardly eat anything unless it’s extremely soft. Applesauce, yogurt and ice cream are my new foods. Sounds cool, until that’s ALL you can eat comfortably for more than a day. Gets old pretty fast.

When we came home from the periodontist’s office on Friday, it was 80 degrees in the house…with the air on. Obviously, the A/C was not working. We called and the guy said he’d prefer to come out Saturday instead of Friday night. It was a warm night here on Friday.

Saturday morning, my mother-in-law came over to help me for a few hours since Arthur was back at work and my mouth was still sore. The A/C was “fixed” after the guy put in four pounds of freon. I was very happy to have the cool air back.

This morning, I was rushing around getting ready for church, hoping to be there a little early to review the lesson I offered (on Thursday night) to teach the little kids. Right before I hurried the kids out the door, I noticed the thermostat was set to 74 but that the room temp was bouncing between 76 and 75 degrees. It was only 71 degrees outside, so this really worried me. I decided to set the temp to 73, hoping it would cool down by the time we got home from church.


We came home and it was still 76 degrees, but the A/C fan was just running and running. I turned it off. Looks like we’ll need a whole new unit. Great. Just what I wanted to do this summer – spend $3,000 on a new air conditioner. 😦

On top of that, the baby had a poop explosion just as we got to church. I had to change his whole outfit before I could go into the class I was teaching. Of course, I was now late to class and unable to review the lesson. So, we winged it; it turns out kids don’t care how prepared you are, as long as they get snacks. πŸ™‚

I was in the nursery during the church service, but the only kids there today were my own. There was a church picnic afterward, but we didn’t get to stay because I can’t hardly eat anything. Yes, my mouth still hurts. It’s becoming annoying.

When we got home from church, there was another explosive poop waiting in Artie’s diaper. Yippee! You know it’s a rough day when one of the only positives you can think of for the day is the fact that a second outfit didn’t get all pooped on!

Soooo, here I sit. It’s almost 3pm, the house is staying bearable for now at 78 degrees. The kids are FINALLY all sleeping. Fans are going in every room. And, I am doing a load of laundry.

I cried while changing Artie’s second messy diaper….til my mouth started hurting because of the way my face contorted to weep. πŸ™‚

Hoping for a MUCH better Monday.


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