Blog Plans

I apparently am not ready to continue with my daily theme postings. Baby Artie will be 8 weeks old tomorrow, and things are still a bit hectic around here. Is this how it will always be with four kids – hectic? I am hoping it transitions into a good hectic, with school and activities planned out, and not so much of the hectic chaos we’ve been experiencing.

For now, I am stopping a themed post for each weekday. I will post mostly about things I’ve read or things we’re experiencing around here. I did the whole move from Blogger to WordPress, which took much longer than I had wanted it to take, BUT I’m glad I did it and that it’s finally done.

I don’t know if we’ll ever go back to a daily theme post. This will all depend on what’s happening here and how we’re adjusting.

School starts August 30th at our house, so I want to focus on our schedule/routine right now. School is obviously a bigger challenge than getting a post in each day; it is also more important than blogging.

I DO hope to get things settled down, so that I can keep writing about our adventures and cooking and baking and school things.

My focus today is just on keeping cool. This heat is ridiculous! I plan to post on Monday to update on our adventures. 🙂


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