Favorite Food Deal of the Week: Gatorade

My husband is training for a half marathon and the Chicago Marathon this Fall. Today he is running 13 miles; when he runs long distances, he has a fuel belt that he loads up with Gatorade and water. Before his runs, he drinks a Gatorade Prime. After the run, he drinks a Gatorade Recover drink.

Gatorade Prime and Recover are not on sale as often as the regular 32 oz Gatorade bottles. They often cost $1.99 each and up! With his mileage increasing each week, this means he will go through a lot of the Prime and Recover drinks before and after runs….which can get to be very costly.

For the past several weeks, Meijer has had the Prime and Recover drinks on sale for $1.09 each (with no limit posted!)! I have been buying a few each week to stock up. This week, I bought 4 of each and spent under $10! That’s great for those 2 products. They were actually the same price as the regular Gatorade, so I bought the big bottles of Powerade to use during his runs. (They were $.69 each.)

So, we brought home 5 Powerade, 4 Gatorade Prime, and 4 Gatorade Recover! I plan to keep buying a few each week as long as I notice the sale price of $1.09. Meijer is quickly becoming my favorite store! 🙂


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